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Bach: Trio in G Major

Johann Sebastian Bach
Trio in G Major
BWV 1027/1039
For Organ
Bach: Trio in G Major
Pages of music: 7

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Transcribed for organ possibly by Johann Nicolaus Mempell (1713–47) or Johann Peter Kellner (1705–52) from a "work-complex" that includes movements from J. S. Bach's Sonata in G Major for Viola da Gamba and Obbligato Harpsichord (BWV 1027) and the Sonata in G Major for Two Flutes and Continuo (BWV 1039). From Leipzig, Musikbibliothek der Stadt, Ms. 7/3 (Sammlung Mempell-Preller). Listed in Schmieder Bach catalog as BWV1027a.
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