A Wilkie Collins Songbook

Series: 19th and Early 20th Centuries  Publisher: A-R Editions
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A Wilkie Collins Songbook

Edited by Allan W. Atlas

N088 A Wilkie Collins Songbook
978-1-9872-0836-8 Full Score (2023) 9x12, xiv + 180 pp.
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A Wilkie Collins Songbook consists of twenty-seven “everyday pieces” (three of them in two different versions each) that either appear in the novels and short stories of the Victorian author Wilkie Collins (1824–89) or were inspired by them. There is an overture for a stage production on which Collins collaborated with Charles Dickens; a number of pieces that reflect the popularity of The Woman in White (1860), which rocketed Collins to superstardom; and, forming the heart of the anthology, twenty ballads, patriotic songs, and traditional tunes that would have been well known to Collins's English (and American) readers. Among the twenty-two composers represented are: Francesco Berger (a regular at Dickens’s Sunday-evening card games); the prolific Walter Burnot, whose business card read “Songs Written While You Wait”; Charles Dibdin, and John Davy, as well as four women: Frances Arkwright, Clara Angela Macirone, Virtue Millard, and the mysterious American called “The Veiled Lady.” In all, the songbook provides an informative and entertaining romp through the everyday music of “Wilkie’s World.”
An Overture to a Stage Production
1. Overture to The Frozen Deep (piano), Francesco Berger
Six Pieces Inspired by Collins
2. The Woman in White Valses (piano), Charles H. R. Marriott
3. The Woman in White, Charles W. Glover
4. The Woman in White, Walter Burnot
5. The Fosco Galop (cornet, piano), G. Richardson
6. No Name Waltz (piano), “The Veiled Lady”
7. No Thoroughfare Galop (piano), Charles Coote, Jr.
Twenty Pieces Cited by Collins
8a. Begone, Dull Care (fiddle), traditional English
8b. Begone, Dull Care (two voices, piano), traditional English
9. Drops of Brandy (fiddle), traditional Irish
10. The Toast Be, Dear Woman, George H. B. Rodwell
11. Love’s Ritornella, Thomas S. Cooke
12. The Girl I Left Behind Me, traditional English/Irish
13a. The Lass o’ Gowrie, traditional Scottish
13b. Loch Erroch Side, Neil Gow (?)
14. My Mary Ann, M. Tyte
15. Bobbin’ Around, William J. Florence
16. Old Dog Tray, Stephen Collins Foster
17. Tom Bowling, Charles Dibdin
18. The Last Words of Marmion, John Clarke-Whitfield
19a. The Battle of the Baltic, Frances Arkwright
19b. The Battle of the Baltic (TrATB, piano), Clara Angela Macirone
20. The Bay of Biscay, John Davy
21. Nelson, John Braham
22. The Mistletoe Bough, Henry Rowley Bishop
23. Poor Mary Anne (SSAB, piano), traditional Welsh
24. Eveleen’s Bower, traditional Irish
25. Alice Gray, Virtue Millard
26. We’re Gaily Yet, traditional Scottish
27. The Nervous Man, Jonathan Blewitt