Abel: Six Selected Symphonies

Series: Classical Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Carl Friedrich Abel
Six Selected Symphonies

Edited by Sanford Helm

C003 Abel: Six Selected Symphonies
978-0-89579-094-1 Full Score (1977) 9x12, xi + 85 pp.
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Abel, a lifelong friend of J. C. Bach, was in the center of London musical life in the early classical era. These symphonies illustrate the inception of symphonic form, particularly throught the choice of movement types.
Overture (Op. 1, No. 4)
Overture (Op. 4, No. 2)
Overture (Op. 7, No. 1) [Simphonie]
Overture (Op. 10, No. 1) [Simphonie]
Sinfonia (Op. 14, No. 2)
Sinfonia (Op. 17, No. 1) [Overture]