Albinoni: Sonatas and Suites, Op. 8, Part 1

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
This volume is part of the set Albinoni: Sonatas and Suites, Opus 8
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Tomaso Albinoni
Sonatas and Suites, Opus 8, Part 1
Sonatas 1–3; Suites 1–3

Edited by C. David Harris

B051 Albinoni: Sonatas and Suites, Op. 8, Part 1
978-0-89579-207-5 Full Score (1986) 9x12, xi + 102 pp.
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Performance Parts (Available Separately)

Instrumental Part(s) (1986)
Set of 3 parts (vn. 1, vn. 2, vc./b.c.)
These six sonatas and six suites demonstrate the expansive lyricism and the contrapuntal texture characteristic of Italian chamber music in the early 1700s. In the fast movements of the sonatas, the soloists play in canon, with occasional imitation in the bass part.
Sonatas I–III
Suites I–III