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Anthology of Early American Keyboard Music, 1787–1830, Part 2

Anthology of Early American Keyboard Music, 1787–1830, Part 2
Nos. 19–36
Edited by J. Bunker Clark
Anthology of Early American Keyboard Music, 1787–1830, Part 2
Full Score (1977)
8.5x11, 124 pp.

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These thirty-six keyboard compositions are by twenty-four composers including William Brown, Benjamin Carr, James Hewitt, Rayner Taylor, Charles Gilbert, Arthur Clifton, Anthony Philip Heinrich, Oliver Shaw, and others. Edited anew from the original editions or manuscripts, this anthology offers an overview of the remarkably large production in early America of sonatas, rondos, medleys, variation-sets, marches and dances, and programmatic pieces.
19. Charles F. Hupfeld, A Favorite Waltz [Hungarian Air] with Variations for the piano forte (1817)
20. Peter K. Moran, Moran's Favorite Variations to the Suabian Air (1817–19)
21. Peter K. Moran, A Fantasia (1818-21)
22. Arthur Clifton, An Original Air with Variations (1820)
23. Frederick A. Getze, Saxon Rondo (1821?)
24. Julius Metz, Petit Pot Pourri (1821–23)
25. James F. Hance, 2d Grand Fantasie Introduction and Brilliant Variations to the Russian Dance (1823–26)
26. Anthony Philip Heinrich, Toccatina Capriciosa (1823)
27. Charles Thibault, L'Adieu, a Rondo (1824)
28. Oliver Shaw, Welcome the Nation's Guest, a Military Divertimento (1824)
29. Francis Johnson, Honour to the Brave (1824)
30. Francis Johnson, Johnson's New Cotillions (1824)
31. Charles Thibault, La Bretonne (1824)
32. William Taylor, Clinton's Triumph (1824?)
33. Christopher Meineke, Divertimento (ca. 1825)
34. Anthony Philip Heinrich, The Debarkation March (1825–26)
35. Christopher Meineke, Variations to the favourite air Au clair de la lune (1827)
36. Charles Zeuner, Grand Centennial March (1830)
Karl Kroeger, MLA Notes, March 1979
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