Arias for Francesco Benucci

Series: Classical Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
This edition is part of the collection Arias for Mozart's Singers
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Arias for Francesco Benucci
Mozart's First Figaro and Guglielmo

Edited by Dorothea Link

C072 Arias for Francesco Benucci
978-0-89579-559-5 Keyboard-Vocal Score (2004) 9x12, xxvi + 122 pp.
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These twelve arias illustrate the voice of Francesco Benucci (ca. 1745-1824), the great comic singer for whom Mozart wrote the roles of Figaro and Guglielmo. Dating from the 1780s when Benucci was in his prime, they represent some of the best efforts by Cimarosa, Martín y Soler, Paisiello, Salieri, Sarti, and Storace to showcase his singing. That Benucci was a first-rate basso buffo is attested to in nine of the twelve arias. The remaining three show that, when required, Benucci could also give memorable performances in a more serious style.
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1. Lei comandi, signorina, Domenico Cimarosa
2. La sposerò, signore, Giuseppe Sarti
3. Quando saprai chi sono, Giuseppe Sarti
4. Che ne dici tu, Taddeo? Giovanni Paisiello
5. Per onor farsi ammazzare, Giovanni Paisiello
6. O che tempo depravato (alla Figaro Mongolfier Malbrug), Stephen Storace
7. Spirti invisibili, Antonio Salieri
8. Questo magico abituro, Antonio Salieri
9. Quattro via quattro sedici, Giovanni Paisiello
10. Ah mal aya, a quella mano, Vicente Martín y Soler
11. Tu fa che intanto uniscasi, Antonio Salieri
12. L'anno mille settecento, Antonio Salieri
Laurel E. Zeiss, Society for Eighteenth-Century Music newsletter, October 2005.