Bach, J. P.: Aria scotese con variazzione

Series: A-R Special Publications  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Johann Philipp Bach
Aria scotese con variazzione

Edited by Stephen A. Crist

S053 Bach, J. P.: Aria scotese con variazzione
978-1-9872-0619-7 Score + Part(s) (2021) 8.5x11, Score: vi + 15 pp.; Part: 4 pp.
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This set of ten variations for violoncello and harpsichord on a traditional Scottish tune is attributed to “J. P. Bach” in its unique source. Among the Bach family musicians, only one had those initials, namely Johann Philipp Bach (1752–1846). The last surviving member of this musical dynasty, J. P. Bach reached the age of ninety-four and outlived many famous composers of the Romantic era. Like his father and grandfather, J. P. Bach served at the court in Meiningen, Germany. He is best known as a visual artist, especially for his pastels. Although he held the post of organist as well as painter for the dukes in Meiningen, until now J. P. Bach’s music has been completely unknown. Since this work is apparently the only known composition by the last professional musician in the long line of Bach family members, it is of considerable historical importance.