Ballet Music from the Mannheim Court, Part 5

Series: Classical Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
This edition is part of the collection Ballet Music of the Mannheim Court
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Ballet Music from the Mannheim Court, Part 5
Christian Cannabich, Les Fêtes du sérail and Angélique et Médor, ou Roland furieux

Edited by Paul Corneilson, Carol G. Marsh

C111 Ballet Music from the Mannheim Court, Part 5
978-1-9872-0170-3 Full Score (2019) 9x12, xxxii + 207 pp.
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This volume completes the collection Ballet Music from the Mannheim Court with two ballets by Christian Cannabich: Les Fêtes du sérail (probably based on Jean-Georges Noverre’s Les Jalousies, ou Les Fêtes du sérail, as described in his Lettres sur la danse, 1760) and Angélique et Médor, ou Roland furieux (based on the characters in Ludovico Ariosto’s Orlando furioso). The former ballet features several movements with “Turkish” instruments and the exotic setting of a harem. The latter features detailed annotations in the music regarding the story, which differs in some respects from the scenario for this ballet by Étienne Lauchery that was published for an earlier performance in Kassel.
Christian Cannabich, Les Fêtes du sérail
Overtura. Allegro spiritoso
No. 1. Andantino
No. 2. Marcia ma galante
No. 3. Marcia ma fiero
No. 4. Gustoso
No. 5. Legiermento—Minore con grazia
No. 6. Un poco andante—Andante
No. 7. Allegro
No. 8. Andantino con espressione
No. 9. Allegretto
No. 10. Andante
No. 11. Allegro
No. 12. Maestoso e fiero
No. 13. Non tanto allegro—Minore
No. 14. Andante con un poco di moto
No. 15. Giojoso—Minore
No. 16. Tempo di menuetto un poco moderato
No. 17. Un poco allegro
No. 18. Andantino ma moderato assai
No. 19. Molto allegro
No. 20. Non tanto allegro
No. 21. Contredanse. Allegro—Più moderato—Allegro—Moderato—Allegro
Christian Cannabich, Angélique et Médor, ou Roland furieux
No. 1. Expressiva
No. 2. Un tantino larghetto
No. 3. Un poco moderato
No. 4. Un tanto allegro—[Minore]—Major
No. 5. Un poco andante
No. 6. Sempre piano assai
No. 7. Moderato
No. 8. Allegretto
No. 9. Andantino moderato
No. 10. Tempo di chaconne—Minore
No. 11. Andantino
No. 12. Allegretto—Minore
No. 13. Allegro non troppo
No. 14. Sempre piano—Un poco allegro
No. 15. Andante
No. 16. Allegro
No. 17. Maestoso
No. 18. Adagio
No. 19. Furioso—Moderato
No. 20. Grave moderato
No. 21. Andantino grazioso
No. 22. Chaconne
No. 23. Un poco allegretto scherzanto
No. 24. Loure
No. 25. Contredanse