Baltzar: Works for Violin

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Thomas Baltzar
Works for Violin

Edited by Patrick Wood Uribe

S032 Baltzar: Works for Violin
978-0-89579-755-1 Score + Part(s) (2012) 8.5x11, Violin: ix + 19 pp.; B.c.: 6 pp.
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Almost as soon as he arrived in England, the violin playing of German virtuoso Thomas Baltzar (?1631–63) caused a sensation. He was praised in particular for conveying polyphonic textures on the violin, playing “on that single instrument a full consort.” Baltzar’s technical accomplishment was such that one listener even bent down to see if his feet were cloven, since he had played beyond human capacities. This edition gathers for the first time all of Thomas Baltzar’s known works for unaccompanied violin as well as his divisions on the tune “John, Come Kiss Me Now” for violin and basso continuo.
Works from Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Mus. Sch. F. 573
Prelude in C Minor
Allemande in B-flat Major
Sarabande in B-flat Major
Allemande and Variation in G Minor
Courante in G Minor
Sarabande in G Minor
Allemande in C Major
Allemande and Variation in B Minor
Works for Scordatura Violin from Oxford, Christ Church Library, MS Mus. 1125
Allemande (I)
Allemande (II)
Works from Printed Collections
Divisions for Violin and Basso Continuo on “John, Come Kiss Me Now”
Prelude (I) in G Major
Allemande in C Minor
Prelude (II) in G Major