Barton: The Disappointment

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Andrew Barton
The Disappointment or, The Force of Credulity

Edited by Jerald C. Graue, Judith Layng

A003-4 Barton: The Disappointment
978-0-89579-078-1 Full Score (1976) 9x12, xvi + 164 pp.

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Keyboard-Vocal Score (1976)
Keyboard-Vocal score

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This is the first integral edition of the earliest known American opera. Barton's ballad opera is a vivacious satirical comedy set in pre-Revolutionary Philadelphia. An overture and musical accompaniments scored for chamber orchestra together with the complete original text of the play and a detailed background essay provide a comprehensive picture of this landmark in American cultural history. Musical accompaniments and an original overture by Samuel Adler.
Act I
  [Opening Song] (Parchment)
  Air I. I am a brisk young lively lass (Quadrant)
  Air II. The Bloom of May (Rattletrap)
  Air III. How blest has my time been (Parchment)
  Air IV. Yankee Doodle (Raccoon)
  Air V. Shambuy (Moll Placket)
  Air VI. The bonny Broom (McSnip)
  Air VII. My fond Shepherds, &c. (Meanwell, Lucy)
  Air VIII. Over the hills and far away (McSnip)
  Air IX. Chiling O Guirey (Trushoop)
  Air X. The Jolly Toper (Rattletrap)
Act II
  Air XI. Nancy Dawson (Topinlift)
  Air XII. The lass of Patie’s mill (Raccoon)
  Air XIII. Black-joke and band so white (Moll Placket)
  Air XIV. Granby (Rattletrap, Chorus)
  Air XV. Kitty, the Nonpareile (Lucy, Meanwell)
  Air XVI. The Milking Pail (Trushoop)
  Air XVII. Ah! [woe] is me, poor Walley cry’d (Washball)
  Air XVIII. Jolly Bacchanalian (Meanwell, Lucy)
  Country Dance: Excuse Me
  (“Down derry derry down”) (Hum)
  (“Tol de rol de Tol”) (Hum)
[Incidental Music]
  Storm Music
  Romanza: The Race Horse
  Intermezzo: Then Say My Sweet Girl, Can You Love Me?
  Gigue: Romping Rosy Nell
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