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Benda: Philon und Theone

Georg Anton Benda
Philon und Theone
Edited by Austin Glatthorn
Benda: Philon und Theone
Full Score (2020)
9x12, xxiv + 166 pp.

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Performance Parts

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Rental Parts (2020)
2202 2200 timp., glass harmonica 66443 choral score
This is the first critical edition of Georg Anton Benda’s Philon und Theone (1779). Benda is best known for his earlier melodramas Ariadne auf Naxos (1775), Medea (1775), and Pygmalion (1779), which are characterized by instrumental music that alternates and occasionally overlaps declaimed text and pantomime. Indeed, these works have come to define the genre and are considered the archetypal eighteenth-century German melodramas. Yet Benda’s little-known Philon und Theone—an orphic story of a voyager searching for his lost beloved—challenges these models, for it embraces not only the instrumental music typical of the genre, but also vocal music. Furthermore, Philon und Theone includes a male, not the typical female, melodramatic protagonist, whose deteriorating cognitive state plays a central role in the story. This one-act work can therefore be understood as among the first “reform” melodramas that have hitherto received little scholarly attention yet can offer fresh insight into the aesthetic intersections of instrumental and vocal traditions around 1800.
No. 1. Chorus: “Seÿ ruhig Theone”
No. 2. Melodrama (Philon): “Find ich hier Rettung?”
No. 3. Chorus, Melodrama, and Solo (Chorus, Philon, Theone): “Gedult und Muth bezwingen”
No. 4. Melodrama (Philon): “Hieher flohen sie”
No. 5. Chorus: “Zum Lohn für eure Triebe”
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