Beneventanum Troporum Corpus II, Part 2b

Series: Middle Ages and Early Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Beneventanum Troporum Corpus II, Part 2b
Gloria in excelsis--Music

Edited by John Boe

M023-24 Beneventanum Troporum Corpus II, Part 2b
978-0-89579-370-6 Full Score (1990) 9x12, 217 pp.
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This edition presents the tropes and chants for the Gloria in excelsis from Beneventan and Roman manuscripts of the late tenth century to the early thirteenth century. The chants are transcribed in modern notation with schematic reproductions of neumes.
Sacerdos Dei, ueni
Assit (Adsit) honor
Aureas arces
Ciues superni . . . Christus surrexit
Coetus in arce
Laudat in excelsis; Rex hodie Christus
Laus tua Deus; Pax sempiterna; Quem nouitate
Quem ciues caelestes
Quem patrem aeterni = Quem patris ad dextram
Qui Deus et rector
Vt possimus consequi
(3 Glorias without tropes)
Michael Klaper, Sonderdruck aus die Musikforschung, April 2001