Berlin: Early Songs, Part I

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions, American Musicological Society
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Irving Berlin
Early Songs, Part I

Edited by Charles Hamm

MU02A/A020 Berlin: Early Songs, Part I
978-0-89579-305-8 Full Score (1994) 9x12, xlix + 247 pp.
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The period 1907–14 represents the first phase of Irving Berlin's songwriting career, when his primary concern was with individual songs, before he turned to focus on complete shows. Despite Berlin's stature as the era's leading songwriter, however, the majority of the over two hundred songs presented in this edition have been difficult to obtain. Offering all of these songs here, in chronological order and including numerous previously unpublished works, gives a complete picture of Berlin's early development as a songwriter. The extensive introduction places Berlin within the Tin Pan Alley tradition originating in the late nineteenth century and stretching well into the twentieth.
Part 1
1. Marie from Sunny Italy
2. Queenie
3. The Best of Friends Must Part
4. I Didn't Go Home at All
5. Dorando
6. No One Could Do It Like My Father!
7. Sadie Salome (Go Home)
8. My Wife's Gone to the Country (Hurrah! Hurrah!)
9. Just Like the Rose
10. Oh, What I Know about You
11. Someone's Waiting for Me (We'll Wait, Wait, Wait)
12. Do Your Duty Doctor! (Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Doctor)
13. Good-bye, Girlie, and Remember Me
14. Wild Cherries
15. Oh! Where Is My Wife To-night?
16. She Was a Dear Little Girl
17. Some Little Something about You
18. If I Thought You Wouldn't Tell
19. I Wish That You Was My Gal, Molly
20. Next to Your Mother, Who Do You Love?
21. Stop That Rag (Keep On Playing, Honey)
22. Christmas-time Seems Years and Years Away
23. Yiddle, on Your Fiddle, Play Some Ragtime
24. I Just Came Back to Say Good Bye
25. Before I Go and Marry, I Will Have a Talk with You
26. That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune
27. Someone Just Like You
28. Telling Lies
29. Sweet Marie, Make-a Rag-a-time Dance wid Me
30. If the Managers Only Thought the Same As Mother
31. Oh How That German Could Love
32. When You Play That Piano, Bill!
33. Draggy Rag
34. Dear Mayme, I Love You!
35. Grizzly Bear
36. Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon
37. That Opera Rag
38. I'm a Happy Married Man
39. I Love You More Each Day
40. Alexander and His Clarinet
41. Sweet Italian Love
42. Oh, That Beautiful Rag
43. Try It on Your Piano
44. "Thank You, Kind Sir!" Said She
45. Yiddisha Eyes
46. Is There Anything Else I Can Do for You?
47. Kiss Me My Honey, Kiss Me
48. Colored Romeo
49. Stop, Stop, Stop (Come Over and Love Me Some More)
50. Herman Let's Dance That Beautiful Waltz
51. Piano Man
52. Innocent Bessie Brown
53. Dreams, Just Dreams
54. I'm Going on a Long Vacation
55. Bring Back My Lena to Me
56. That Kazzatsky Dance
57. Wishing
58. Dat's-a My Gal
59. That Dying Rag
60. Alexander's Ragtime Band
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