Berlin: Early Songs, Part II

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions, American Musicological Society
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Irving Berlin
Early Songs, Part II

Edited by Charles Hamm

MU02B/A021 Berlin: Early Songs, Part II
978-0-89579-340-9 Full Score (1994) 9x12, x + 359 pp.
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The period 1907–14 represents the first phase of Irving Berlin's songwriting career, when his primary concern was with individual songs, before he turned to focus on complete shows. Despite Berlin's stature as the era's leading songwriter, however, the majority of the over two hundred songs presented in this edition have been difficult to obtain. Offering all of these songs here, in chronological order and including numerous previously unpublished works, gives a complete picture of Berlin's early development as a songwriter. The extensive introduction places Berlin within the Tin Pan Alley tradition originating in the late nineteenth century and stretching well into the twentieth.
61. Virginia Lou
62. The Whistling Rag
63. That Monkey Tune
64. When I'm Alone I'm Lonesome
65. I Beg Your Pardon, Dear Old Broadway
66. When You're in Town
67. Business Is Business
68. Spanish Love
69. Down to the Folies Bergere
70. When It Rains, Sweetheart, When It Rains
71. Don't Put Out the Light
72. Molly, O! Oh, Molly!
73. When You Kiss an Italian Girl
74. Ephraham Played upon the Piano
75. You've Built a Fire Down in My Heart
76. Woodman, Woodman, Spare That Tree!
77. Run Home and Tell Your Mother
78. After the Honeymoon
79. That Mysterious Rag
80. One O'Clock in the Morning I Get Lonesome
81. There's a Girl in Havana
82. Don't Take Your Beau to the Seashore
83. Dog Gone That Chilly Man
84. Ragtime Violin!
85. Yiddisha Nightingale
86. My Melody Dream
87. You've Got Me Hypnotized
88. Everybody's Doing It Now
89. Bring Back My Lovin' Man
90. Sombrero Land
91. Cuddle Up
92. Bring Me a Ring in the Spring and I'll Know That You Love Me
93. He Promised Me
94. Meet Me To-night
95. Yankee Love
96. How Do You Do It, Mabel, on Twenty Dollars a Week?
97. Pick, Pick, Pick, Pick on the Mandolin, Antonio
98. I Want to Be in Dixie
99. Take a Little Tip from Father
100. Ragtime Mocking Bird
101. Alexander's Bag-pipe Band
102. Opera Burlesque
103. Spring and Fall
104. I've Got to have Some Lovin' Now
105. Society Bear
106. Lead Me to That Beautiful Band
107. Antonio
108. That's How I Love You
109. I'm Afraid, Pretty Maid, I'm Afraid
110. The Million Dollar Ball
111. A True Born Soldier Man
112. Becky's Got a Job in a Musical Show
113. The Ragtime Jockey Man
114. When Johnson's Quartette Harmonize
115. Fiddle-Dee-Dee [I]
116. Call Again!
117. Fiddle-Dee-Dee [II]
118. The Elevator Man Going Up, Going Up, Going Up, Going Up!
119. Ragtime Soldier Man
120. Keep Away from the Fellow Who Owns an Automobile
121. When I'm Thinking of You
122. Come Back to Me, My Melody
123. Do It Again
124. A Little Bit of Everything
125. Hiram's Band
126. When the Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam'
127. When I Lost You
128. My Sweet Italian Man [I]
129. Down in My Heart
130. At the Devil's Ball [I]
131. Follow Me Around
132. If All the Girls I Knew Were Like You
133. At the Devil's Ball [II]
134. Wait until Your Daddy Comes Home
135. Don't Leave Your Wife Alone
136. Yiddisha Professor
137. Goody, Goody, Goody, Goody, Good
138. He's So Good to Me
139. At the Devil's Ball [III]
140. At the Picture Show
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