Berlin: Early Songs, Part III

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions, American Musicological Society
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Irving Berlin
Early Songs, Part III

Edited by Charles Hamm

MU02C/A022 Berlin: Early Songs, Part III
978-0-89579-341-6 Full Score (1994) 9x12, x + 289 pp.
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The period 1907–14 represents the first phase of Irving Berlin's songwriting career, when his primary concern was with individual songs, before he turned to focus on complete shows. Despite Berlin's stature as the era's leading songwriter, however, the majority of the over two hundred songs presented in this edition have been difficult to obtain. Offering all of these songs here, in chronological order and including numerous previously unpublished works, gives a complete picture of Berlin's early development as a songwriter. The extensive introduction places Berlin within the Tin Pan Alley tradition originating in the late nineteenth century and stretching well into the twentieth.
141. Anna 'Liza's Wedding Day
142. Welcome Home
143. In My Harem
144. My Sweet Italian Man [II]
145. Snookey Ookums
146. The Apple Tree and the Bumble Bee
147. San Francisco Bound
148. You Picked a Bad Day Out to Say Good-bye
149. Happy Little Country Girl
150. We Have Much to Be Thankful For
151. The Ki-I-Youdleing Dog
152. Keep On Walking
153. The Old Maids Ball
154. The Pullman Porters on Parade
155. Abie Sings an Irish Song
156. The Monkey Doodle Doo
157. Somebody's Coming to My House
158. I Was Aviating Around
159. They've Got Me Doin' It Now
160. Jake! Jake! The Yiddisher Ball-player
161. The International Rag
162. Kiss Your Sailor Boy Goodbye
163. Take Me Back
164. They've Got Me Doin' It Now Medley
165. You've Got Your Mother's Big Blue Eyes!
166. There's a Girl in Arizona
167. If You Don't Want Me (Why Do You Hang Around)
168. Tra-La, La, La!
169. Down in Chattanooga
170. Daddy, Come Home
171. This Is the Life [I]
172. Follow the Crowd
173. It Isn't What He Said, but the Way He Said It!
174. I Love to Quarrel with You
175. He's a Devil in His Own Home Town
176. This Is the Life [II]
177. Along Came Ruth
178. If I Had You
179. If You Don't Want My Peaches (You'd Better Stop Shaking My Tree)
180. God Gave You to me
181. They're on Their Way to Mexico
182. The Haunted House
183. I Want to Go Back to Michigan (Down on the Farm)
184. If That's Your Idea of a Wonderful Time (Take Me Home)
185. Always Treat Her Like a Baby
186. He's a Rag Picker
187. Furnishing a Home for Two
188. Stay Down Here Where You Belong
189. That's My Idea of Paradise
190. When It's Night Time in Dixie Land
A1. It Can't Be Did!
A2. Angelo
A3. How Can You Love Such a Man?
A4. What Am I Gonna Do?
A5. The Funny Little Melody
A6. Revival Day
A7. Hey, Wop
A8. Down on Uncle Jerry's Farm
A9. I Could Live on Love and Kisses
A10. I Want a Harem of My Own
A11. I've Got a Lot of Love for You
A12. I've Got to Catch a Train, Goodbye
A13. Somewhere (But Where Is It?)
A14. The Tattooed Man
A15. You're Goin' to Lose Your Baby Some Day
A16. That Humming Rag
A17. Father's Beard
A18. Alexander's Ragtime Band. March and Twostep
A19. That International Rag! March and Twostep
A20. Morning Exercise Fox Trot
A21. Wild Cherries Rag
A22. Grizzly Bear Rag
A23. Oh That Beautiful Rag
A24. That Mysterious Rag. Characteristic Intermezzo
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