Billoni: Complete Works

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Santiago Billoni
Complete Works

Edited by Drew Edward Davies

B170 Billoni: Complete Works
978-0-89579-695-0 Full Score (2011) 9x12, xxvi + 340 pp.
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Performance Parts

Instrumental Part(s) (2011)
Set of 6 parts (vn. 1; vn. 2; ob.; tpt.; b.r.; b.c.)
This volume presents the complete known works of Santiago Billoni (ca. 1700–ca. 1763), a Roman composer and violinist active in New Spain (viceregal Mexico) between the 1730s and 1750s. One of the most significant composers to work in the Americas during the viceregal period, Billoni was the first Italian-born musician to be named chapel master of a cathedral in New Spain. His thirty-one concise works, which include villancicos, cantadas, masses, vespers psalms, and other liturgical pieces, stand as unique in New Spain for their use of chromatic harmony, virtuosic yet unmechanical violin technique, and emotive musical rhetoric grounded in the contemporaneous preference for interior devotion. They witness the diffusion of Italianate music in a variety of styles to Spanish America’s northern frontier and survive exclusively at the cathedral of Durango, where Billoni served as chapel master from 1749 until 1756. This volume is the first complete edition of any composer from New Spain.
Spanish Paraliturgical Music
Arias and Duets
     Celeste aurora hermosa
     En silencioso calmo / En los puros candores (contrafactum)
     En su concepción
     Hombre, mira el dolor
     Mariposa inadvertida / Al concebirse María (contrafactum)
     ¿Por qué, Pedro?
     Venid, corazones
     De Joseph el imperio – A la tartajea boca
     Divina madre – ¿Podrás sin ternura? / Obedeciendo a leyes – ¿Podrá la influencia? (contrafactum)
Villancicos and Alabanzas
     Ángeles, astros, montes
     Dichoso Pedro llora
     Oh, admirable sacramento
     Venid, pastorcillos
Latin Liturgical Music
Music for Vespers
     Beatus vir
     Credidi propter
     Fabordones (realized with Dixit Dominus in plainchant)
     Laetatus sum
     Lauda Jerusalem
     Laudate Dominum
Marian Hymn and Antiphons
     Ave maris stella
     Salve Regina in B-flat Major
     Salve Regina in F Major
     Salve Regina in G Minor
Music for Holy Week and Pentecost
     Incipit Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae
     Miserere mei, Deus
     Veni sancte spiritus
     Mass in B-flat Major
          Agnus Dei
     Mass in C Minor
          Agnus Dei
     Mass in F Major
          Agnus Dei
     Mass in G Major
          Agnus Dei