Index and Bibliography Series

Series List

Vol. Title Author(s)
37 An Index to Articles in The Etude Magazine, 18831957, Pamela R. Dennis
36 Douglas Moore: A Bio-Bibliography Jerry L. McBride
35 The Guitar in American Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar Periodicals, 18821933 Jeffrey Noonan
34 Analyses of Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Music, 1940–2000 D. J. Hoek
33 Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition: The First Twenty Years Karen R. Little and Julia Graepel
32 Bibliographic Control of Music, 1897–2000 Richard P. Smiraglia, with J. Bradford Young
31 An Index to Music Published in The Etude Magazine, 1883–1957 E. Douglas Bomberger
30 Music Inspired by Art: A Guide to Recordings Gary Evans
29 Musical Memorials for Musicians: A Guide to Selected Compositions R. Michael Fling
28 Pro-Musica: Performance, Patronage, and a Periodical: An Index to the Quarterlies Paula Elliot
27 A Thematic Catalog of the Works of Robert Valentine J. Bradford Young
26 Opera Performances in Video Format: A Checklist of Commercially Released Performances Charles Croissant
25 Analyses of Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Music, 1940–1985 Arthur B. Wenk
24 Music in New York During the American Revolution: An Inventory of Musical References in Rivington’s New York Gazette Gillian Anderson, with the editorial assistance of Neil Ratliff
23 E. H. Fellowes: An Index to The English Madrigalists and The English School of Lutenist Song Writers Allison Hall
22 Palestrina: An Index to the Casimiri, Kalmus and Haberl Editions Allison Hall
21 Popular Secular Music in America Through 1800: A Checklist of Manuscripts in North American Collections Kate Van Winkle Keller
20 18th-Century American Secular Music Manuscripts: An Inventory James J. Fuld and Mary Wallace Davidson
19 Source: Music of the Avant Garde: Annotated List of Contents and Cumulative Indices Michael D. Williams
18 Johannes Brahms: A Guide to His Autographs in Facsimile Peter Dedel
17 Literature for voices in Combination with Electronic and Tape Music: An Annotated Bibliography J. Michele Edwards
16 Writings on Contemporary Music Notation Gerald Warfield
15 Analyses of Nineteenth-Century Music, 1940–1975 (1976); Second edition: 1940–1980 (1984). Arthur Wenk
14 Analyses of Twentieth-Century Music, 1970–1975 (1976); Second edition (1984). Arthur Wenk
13 Analyses of Twentieth-Century Music, 1940-1970 (1975). Arthur Wenk
12 Annotated Bibliography of Writing About Music in Puerto Rico Annie Figueroa Thompson
11 Bach Aria Index Miriam Whaples
10 An Index to Das Chorwerk, Volumes 1-110 Michael Ochs
9 Speculum: An Index of Musically Related Articles and Book Reviews Arthur S. Wolff
8 An Index to Maurice Frost’s English & Scottish Psalm & Hymn Tunes Kirby Rogers
7 An Alphabetical Index to the Solo Songs of Robert Schumann. Schumann Index, Part 2 William J. Weichlein

An Alphabetical Index to Robert Schumann Werke. Schumann Index, Part I

Michael Ochs
5 An Alphabetical Index to Tomás Luis de Victoria Opera Omnia Bibliography Committee of the New York Chapter, MLA
4 A Concordance of the Thematic Indexes to the Instrumental Works of Antonio Vivaldi Lenore Coral
3 A Checklist of Music Bibliographies and Indexes in Progress and Unpublished MLA Publications Committee (Walter Gerboth, chair; Shirley Branner; and James B. Coover, 1965); Second edition by James Pruett (1969); Third edition by Linda Solow (1974); Fourth edition by Dee Bailey (1982)
2 An Alphabetical Index to Hector Berlioz Werke Bibliography Committee of the New York Chapter, MLA
1 An Alphabetical Index to Claudio Monteverdi Tutte Le Opere Bibliography Committee of the New York Chapter, MLA