Bristow: The Oratorio of Daniel, Op. 42

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions
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George Frederick Bristow
The Oratorio of Daniel, Opus 42

Edited by David Griggs-Janower

A034 Bristow: The Oratorio of Daniel, Op. 42
978-0-89579-443-7 Full Score (1999) 9x12, xviii + 444 pp.
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This edition is the first publication of The Oratorio of Daniel by George F. Bristow. An important New York educator, conductor, string player, organist, and composer, Bristow wrote several large choral works and operas, as well as dozens of smaller compositions. The Oratorio of Daniel, which Bristow completed in 1866 and which was initially performed in December 1867 and January 1868, was well-received by audience and critics alike. Reviewers regarded it as one of the most significant works of its time and compared it to Mendelssohn's Elijah. In his Handbook of American Oratorios and Cantatas, Thurston Dox called The Oratorio of Daniel "the greatest American oratorio ever written."
Part 1
  1. Introduction—The Captivity of Israel
  2. Chorus of Israelites: "By the rivers of Babylon"
  3. Recitative and Aria (Azariah): "Oh! Israel, return unto the Lord thy God"
  4. Chorus of Israelites: "Oh, that the salvation of Israel"
  5. Recitative (Arioch, Daniel): "Behold! Oh, Daniel"
  6. Quartet (Azariah, Meshach, Daniel, Abednego): "Help us, Oh! God of our salvation"
  7. Recitative and Aria (Angel 1): "There appeared an angel"
  8. Recitative (Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar): "Art thou able, O Daniel"
  9. Aria (Daniel):"Blessed be the name of God"
  10. Quartet (Azariah, Meshach, Daniel, Abednego): "Return unto thy rest"
  11. Chorus of Israelites: "They that trust in the Lord"
  12. Recitative (Herald): "To you it is commanded"
  13. Chorus of Babylonians: "Great art thou, Oh! king"
  14. Recitative (Chaldeans, Nebuchadnezzar, Babylonians, Azariah): "Oh! king, live for ever"
  15. Chorus of Babylonians: "Cast them into the fire!"
  16. Recitative (Angel 1, The Holy Children): "Be still and know"
  17. Recitative and Trio (Nebuchadnezzar, Holy Children, Babylonians): "Did we not cast three men bound"
  18. Chorus: "How excellent is thy loving kindness"
Part 2
  19. Recitative (Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar): "In thee, Oh! Daniel"
  20. Aria (Daniel): "Break off thy sins"
  21. Chorus: "The sacrifices of God"
  22. Recitative (Nebuchadnezzar): "Is this not great Babylon"
  23. Recitative and Aria (Angel 2): "There fell a voice from heaven"
  24. Aria (Angel 2): "I am the Lord, thy God"
  25. Chorus: "Drive him from men"
  26. Duet (Angel 1, Angel 2): "How art thou fallen from heaven"
  27. Recitative and Aria (Nebuchadnezzar): "I have lifted up mine eyes"
  28. Chorus: "Give unto the Lord"
Robert M. Copeland, Notes, Dec. 2004.