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Buffardin: Flute Concerto in E Minor

Pierre-Gabriel Buffardin
Flute Concerto in E Minor
Edited by Reinhard Goebel
Buffardin: Flute Concerto in E Minor
Score + Part(s) (2009)
8.5x11, Score: vi + 27 pp.; Part: 9 pp.

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Performance Parts

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Orchestral Parts (2009)
Set of 10 parts: 0000 0000 33211
France did not participate fully in the formation of the concerto genre at the end of the seventeenth century, as the country had been hampered by the restrictive artistic policies of Louis XIV. However, the concerto found a public venue in Paris with the establishment in 1725 of the Concert Spirituel, whose performances took place at the Tuileries Palace through September 1789. This location may be why nearly everything from the archives of the concert series that had not been previously published is irretrievably lost. In October 1789, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, and the dauphin were taken prisoner at Tuileries, and the castle had to be cleared in a hurry; the loss of the sheet music collection came at the latest on 10 August 1792, when revolutionaries forced their way into the palace and massacred seven hundred people.
Pierre-Gabriel Buffardin was one of the first two flute soloists to perform at the Concert Spirituel, during the March 1726 concerts. Despite being born in Marseille, Buffardin was considered a foreigner in Paris because he had worked in the chapel of August the Strong in Dresden since 1715. His flute concerto is one of only two works linked to his name.
I. Allegro non molto
II. Andante
III. Vivace
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