Burney: The Cunning Man (FACSIMILE)

Series: Classical Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
This volume is part of the set Rousseau: Le Devin du village
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Charles Burney
The Cunning Man (Facsimile Supplement)

Edited by Kerry S. Grant

C050F Burney: The Cunning Man (FACSIMILE)
978-0-89579-400-0 Facsimile (1998) 11x8.5, xi + 68 pp.
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A supplement to the edition of Rousseau's Le devin du village, with an introduction by Kerry Grant, is a facsimile of Burney's own copy of his piano-vocal arrangement (London, 1766), complete with his handwritten recitatives inserted on separate manuscript pages.
Act I
  Lost is all my Peace of Mind (Mrs Arne)
  Recitative: He lov'd me once
  Recitative: Will Colin ne'er be mine again
  Had I heard each am'rous Ditty (Mrs Arne)
  Recitative: His heart to you I'll soon restore
  If uneasy Love increases (Mr Champness)
  Recitative: Resigned to your advice alone
  I'll teaze him & fret him (Mrs Arne)
  Recitative: Be wise how e'er you fright th' ingrate
  No, no, my Phoebe will ne'er deceive me (Mr Vernon)
  Recitative: No shepherd's now to you preferr'd
  Symphony while the Cunning Man, makes the Charm
  Recitative: The charm is ended
  Some think in the stare we are able (Mr Champness)
Act II
  I soon my charming Nymph shall view (Mr Vernon)
  Love with love, if but repaid (Mr Vernon)
  Recitative Accompanied: Ah! Here she comes
  Recitative: Sweet Phoebe, are you angry
  Your Love from me's not yet departed (Mr Vernon)
  Recitative: Ah me! No, by you betrayed
  While I my Colin knew to please (Mr Vernon & Mrs Arne)
  How ever great the Wealth or Pleasure (Mr Vernon)
  Colin now his Faith has plighted (Mr Vernon & Mrs Arne)
  Recitative: My pow'r has caused th' enchantment dire
  Haste, haste ye Maidens fair (Mr Champness)
  Chorus: Since Colin now has ceas'd to range
  In my Cottage obscure (Mr Vernon)
  Sometimes a Passion's rais'd (Mr Champness, Mr Vernon, and Mrs Arne)
  United with the Swain I love (Mrs Arne)
  Let us now Dance with Mirth and Glee (Mrs Arne)
The Comic Tunes in Le Devin du Village, or Cunning Man
  The Entrance of the Youths of the Village
  Air a Dance
  1st Minuet
  2d Minuet
  Country Dance
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