Canzoni francese, libro primo

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Canzoni francese, libro primo
Ottaviano Scotto's 1535 Collection of Twenty-Three Chansons for Four Voices

Edited by Paul Walker

R170 Canzoni francese, libro primo
978-1-9872-0018-8 Full Score (2018) 8.5x11, xxiii + 109 pp.
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Venetian printer Ottaviano Scotto is rarely associated with the development of the Parisian chanson, but his Canzoni francese, libro primo of 1535 played its own crucial role in the early history of the genre thanks to a number of French composers working in Italy in the first third of the sixteenth century. Scotto’s twenty-three chansons offer a representative cross section of this activity, a development rather apart from that unfolding in the north. Although Attaingnant had earlier published eleven of the chansons in Paris, Scotto’s texts make clear that he had no access to these editions, and ten were never published north of the Alps. This volume offers the first modern edition of Scotto’s collection, of which all four partbooks have only recently become available, and thereby adds to the repertoire seven works—two by Willaert, one by Bridam, and four anonymous—known until now only in incomplete form.
1. À l’aventure, Adrian Willaert
2. C’est boucané, Willaert
3. Mon cœur, Willaert
4. À vous me rends, Willaert
5. Quand j’étais, Willaert
6. Le content est riche, Claudin de Sermisy
7. Fait ou failli, Bridam
8. Tu disais que je mourrais, Sermisy
9. Nos bergers et nos bergères, Thomas Janequin
10. Ô petit Jan, Jean Lhéritier
11. Hé Dieu, l’haleine, anonymous
12. À Paris sur Petit Pont, anonymous
13. En l’ombre d’un buissonet, Mathieu Lasson
14. Dont vient cela, belle, Sermisy
15. Quand j’ai bu du vin, anonymous
16. Tant que vivrai, Sermisy
17. Et la fan fan, anonymous
18. Rossignolet, connais-tu point m’amie?, anonymous
19. Le temps qui court, Jean Richafort
20. Voici la mort, anonymous
21. Vous me faites tant rire, anonymous
22. Mari de par sa mère, anonymous
23. Au bois, au bois, madame, Pierre Moulu