Capricornus: Geistliche Harmonien III

Series: Collegium Musicum: Yale University  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Samuel Capricornus
Geistliche Harmonien III

Edited by Paul Walker

Y2-013 Capricornus: Geistliche Harmonien III
978-0-89579-380-5 Full Score (1997) 9x12, xviii + 258 pp.
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The eighteen works of Geistliche Harmonien III belong to the category of small sacred concerto: brief works for small numbers of voices, obbligato instruments, and continuo, set to prose texts generally taken from the Bible (or imitative of the biblical style) or of a devotional, prayer-like nature. The texts project a variety of characters (theological, private, pictorial) and moods (supplicatory, sensual, joyful, militant, humble), and Capricornus matches these with a comparable variety of musical means and effects. Although solo passages can be found in nearly every piece, Capricornus displays his German love for counterpoint, and the myriad combinations of voices and instruments create ever fresh and interesting textures. Suggestive of the composer's German heritage is his inventive use of instruments, especially winds (recorder, cornetto, bassoon, trombone) as well as strings (violin, viola, and viola da gamba). The edition includes an extensive discussion of methods for realizing Capricornus's distinctively seventeenth-century figured bass lines.
1. Ach lieber Herr (SST, two violins, basso continuo)
2. Der Herr ist gerecht (ATB, two violins, basso continuo)
3. Ich bin das Brot (ATB, two violins, basso continuo)
4. Herr, wenn ich nur dich habe (TTB, two violins, basso continuo)
5. Es stehe Gott auf (SSB, two violins, bassoon, basso continuo)
6. Singet Gott (SSB, two violins, trombone, basso continuo)
7. Ich bin eine Blume zu Saron (SAT, two violins, trombone/gamba, basso continuo)
8. Ich bin schwarz (B, five recorders, basso continuo)
9. Ich weiß, daß der Herr (SSB, two violins, bassoon, basso continuo)
10. Ich werde bleiben (SST, two violins, trombone, basso continuo)
11. Du großer König (ATB, two violins, basso continuo)
12. Kommet her, ihr Völker (STB, two violins, basso continuo)
13. Anima mea (STB, violin, basso continuo)
14. Clamavi (ATB, two violins, basso continuo)
15. Dulcis amor (SSB, two violas, bassoon, basso continuo)
16. Præparate (ATB, violin, cornetto, trombone, basso continuo)
17. Ad te suspiro (SAB, two violins, three violas, basso continuo)
18. Paratum cor meum (SSB, cornetto, basso continuo)
Early Music Review, May 1998