Carli: Binding and Care of Printed Music (rev. ed.)

Series: Basic Manual  Publisher: A-R Editions, Music Library Association
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Binding and Care of Printed Music, Revised Edition

Alice Carli

BM012 Carli: Binding and Care of Printed Music (rev. ed.)
978-0-89579-889-3 Book (2021) 7.5 x 9.25, xxvi + 302 pp.
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Updated to address twenty-first-century issues, Binding and Care of Printed Music, Revised Edition by Alice Carli remains the essential manual for music librarians and conservators. The detailed, step-by-step instructions have been updated and streamlined, and a full treatment of digitization is part of this edition, so that readers can benefit from both the theoretical underpinnings of digital preservation and a practical, cost-effective workflow. New tips, tricks, and procedures have been integrated as well. The revised edition is also profusely illustrated with hundreds of photographs taken by the author to clarify the descriptions of the binding and repair techniques covered in the book. As with the first edition, the manual's detailed approach is designed as an introduction for staff with little or no previous conservation experience, while also offering a fresh perspective for career conservators, particularly regarding the special needs of musical scores.
List of Figures
Introduction to the First Edition
Introduction to the Second Edition
Note on Binding Vocabulary
Chapter One: Music Binding Overview
Standard Binding Formats
Binding Workflow
In-house versus Commercial Binding
Chapter Two: In-house Basics
In-house Equipment and Materials
Binding Supplies
Basic Techniques
Chapter Three: Forming Pamphlets
Removing Unwanted Page Attachments
Printing to Folio
Single Page Parts
Chapter Four: Pamphlet Binding
Pamphlet Binders
Pamphlet Binds
Chapter Five: Custom Enclosures
Wide-Spine Pocket Case
Media Housings
No Glue Phase Box
Housing for Spiral Binds
Storage Enclosures
Chapter Six: Conservation Techniques and Procedures
Bases for Repairability Determination
Repair Options
Paper Conservation
Tipping in Pages
Rebinding Pamphlets
Mold Remediation
Chapter Seven: Binding and Rebinding Thick Scores
Case Bindings
Binding Repair Techniques
Chapter Eight: Brittle Score Preservation
Preservation Policy Formation
Digitization for Access
Digital Reformat Workflow
Chapter Nine: Commercial Conservation and Preservation
Commercial Library Binding
Preservation Reformatting
Appendix 1: Sample Preservation Policy
Visions and Goals
Preservation Policy
Appendix 2: Disaster Planning and Music