Carr: Selected Secular and Sacred Songs

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Benjamin Carr
Selected Secular and Sacred Songs

Edited by Eve R. Meyer

A015 Carr: Selected Secular and Sacred Songs
978-0-89579-204-4 Full Score (1986) 9x12, xxiii + 86 pp.
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As a versatile performer, distinguished teacher, and prolific composer and publisher, Benjamin Carr made major contributions to the vocal repertoire and to the elevation of musical taste in early America. His songs are noted for their graceful melodic lines and sensitivity to the text, especially in the settings of poetry by Shakespeare and Scott.
When Icicles Hang by the Wall
Take, Oh, Take Those Lips Away
Tell Me Where Is Fancy Bred
Shakespeare's Willow
Why, Huntress, Why
Soldier, Rest!
Hymn to the Virgin. Ave Maria
Blanche of Devan
The Wandering Harper
A Weary Lot Is Thine, Sweet Maid
Thy Smiles Are All Decaying, Love
Noah's Dove
The Minstrel Knight
Sea of Susa
Song of the Hebrew Captive. O Sion, O Jerusalem
An Autumnal Hymn
As Pants the Hart
A Requiem
Adieu Ye Streams That Sweetly Flow
When Nights Were Cold
Ellen, Arise
The Vi'let Nurs'd in Woodland Wild (from Lessons and Exercises in Vocal Music, Op. 8)
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