Hensel, F.: Songs for Pianoforte, 1836–1837

Series: 19th and Early 20th Centuries  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Fanny Hensel
Songs for Pianoforte, 1836–1837

Edited by Camilla Cai

N022 Hensel, F.: Songs for Pianoforte, 1836–1837
978-0-89579-293-8 Full Score (1994) 9x12, xxi + 101 pp.
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The piano pieces Fanny Hensel composed in 1836 and 1837 represent a landmark in her development as a composer, because for the first and only time she sought to publish a major collection of music under her own name. These pieces are an important type of nineteenth-century music written not for the public concert hall but for private gatherings of connoisseurs. The expectations of this style are as particular and exacting as those of the concert hall. These fairly short pieces—with appealing melodies, but also with sections of sharp contrast and technical display—are intended not only to appeal to the emotions but to dazzle with their brilliance. This first edition of Hensel's piano music written in 1836–37 makes available a significant body of her work and thus broadens our knowledge of her style.
The Numbered Set
No. 1. Allegretto grazioso
No. 2. Andante
No. 3. Prestissimo
No. 4. Allegro con brio
No. 5. Allegro con spirito
No. 6. Allegro con brio
No. 7. Allegro agitato
No. 8. Allegro moderato
No. 9. Largo con espressione
No. 10. Capriccio: Allegro ma non troppo
[Unnumbered] Allegro agitato
No. 1. Allegro vivace (Version 1)
<div>Joan Backus, Notes, September 1995</div>


<div>MPA Paul Revere Award, 1994</div>