Christensen, et al.: Information Literacy in Music

Series: Technical Reports  Publisher: A-R Editions, Music Library Association
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Information Literacy in Music
An Instructor's Companion

Edited by Beth Christensen, Erin Conor, Marian Ritter

TR035 Christensen, et al.: Information Literacy in Music
978-0-89579-856-5 Book (2018) 7.5 x 9.25, xvi + 254 pp.
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Information Literacy in Music: An Instructor’s Companion is a practical guide to information literacy instruction for busy librarians and music faculty. This book contains examples of course-integrated assignments designed to help postsecondary music students develop foundational skills in information literacy. These assignments have been solicited from experienced librarians and faculty across the United States, and they represent a broad spectrum of approaches to music research, from historical to applied studies. Be inspired by new and creative solutions to students’ information literacy challenges and by the many examples of successful collaborations between librarians and music faculty.
Assignments Categorized by Learning Outcome
Assignments Categorized by Instruction Scenario
1 Applied Music
Contemporary Viola Music: Top Picks from the Oberlin Conservatory Viola Studio, Kathleen A. Abromeit
Introduction to Opera: Researching a Role and Analyzing an Opera Scene, Kathleen A. Abromeit and Victoria Vaughan
Oboe and String Seminars, Andrea Beckendorf
Using Varied Score Editions, Sound Recording Renditions, and Other Sources to Inform Performance-Related Decisions, Misti Shaw and Emily Vickers
Voice Seminar, Andrea Beckendorf
Writing for Conductors: Conducting Research for Publication, Verletta Kern and Giselle Wyers
2 Ethnomusicology
Bias and Perspective in World Music Sources, Jill Westen
Introduction to Ethnomusicology, Emily Ferrigno
3 Interdisciplinary
Critical Approaches to Information Literacy and Authentic Assessment Using Wikipedia, Kathleen DeLaurenti
An Interdisciplinary Touchstone: Music in the Visual Design Environment, Rachel E. Weiss and Vickie Phipps
4 Introduction to Research and Writing
Introduction to Music Traditions: A Multi-Session Freshman Library Experience, Marsha Miller and Terry Dean
Modeling Scholarship for Sound Students through Wikipedia, Maribeth Clark and Theresa Burress
The Mozart Effect: Teaching Source Evaluation, Mandi Goodsett
What Is Music Notation? Tom Bickley
5 Jazz
Finding and Evaluating Music Scores in a Master’s Level Course on Research Methods for Jazz Studies, John Murphy and Donna Arnold
6 Music Business
Company Profiles Assignment, Veronica Wells and Keith Hatschek
7 Music History
Context, Reliability, and Authority: Grove Dictionary through the Years, Amy Strickland
Evaluating Editions of Printed Music, Sara Haefeli and Kristina Shanton
Guided Research Journal Assignment, Sara J. Beutter Manus
An Introduction to Music Research Tools, Laura E. Kennedy and Patricia Puckett Sasser
Music History and Repertory: Critical Research Fluency for Harvard Undergraduates, a Team Approach, Liza Vick, Anne C. Shreffler, Monica Hershberger, Emerson Morgan, and Natasha Roule
Professional Music Collection Project, Brian McMillan, Cynthia Leive, and Cathy Martin
Race in American Music: A Student-Curated Library Exhibit, Louis Epstein
Research Labs in an Introductory Music History Course, Jill Westen
Sit Back and Relax: The Students Are Teaching Class Today, Scott Stone
Specialized Music Reference Tools: Thematic Catalogs, Composer Works Lists, and Collected Editions, Misti Shaw
Understanding and Writing Discursive Footnotes, Misti Shaw
8 Music Education
Conducting Research in Music Education: Searching the Literature, Patrice Madura Ward-Steinman
9 Music Therapy
Annotated Bibliography in Support of a Music Therapy Theory of Intervention, Kamile Geist and Carla Williams
Clinical Annotated Bibliography for Music Therapy, Jennifer Fiore and Ed Roth
10 Music Theory and Composition
Playlist Assignment for Composition Seminar, Cynthia Van Maanen and Jacey Kepich
11 Popular Music
American Popular Music, Verletta Kern
The Beatles, Verletta Kern
12 Special Collections and Sheet Music
Black Music Literacy: Classical Edition, Melanie Zeck and Erin Glasco
Learning about Sheet Music through Library Holdings, Michael Saffle
Primary Sources in Interdisciplinary Music Research, Kirk Doran
Unburying Treasures: Teaching Archival Methods to Music Students, Winston Barham and Matthew Vest
13 Studying Music Abroad
Envisioning Research: Information Literacy for Study Away, Patricia Puckett Sasser
Teaching British Musical Theatre in Japan, David Chandler
Appendix: The ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education
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About the Authors and Editors
Beth Christensen is Music Librarian at St. Olaf College, a position in which she has been enthusiastically engaged in course-integrated, sequential information literacy in music for years.
All in all, the implications of Information Literacy in Music: An Instructor’s Companion are far reaching, depending on the end goal of the reader: the sample assignments can be used as is or as a starting point for discuss