Collected Songs of Harrigan and Braham, Part 1

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions, American Musicological Society
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Collected Songs of Edward Harrigan and David Braham, Part I

Edited by Jon W. Finson

MU07A/A027 Collected Songs of Harrigan and Braham, Part 1
978-0-89579-395-9 Full Score (1997) 9x12, xl + 323 pp.
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The plays of Edward Harrigan (1845–1911) and their attendant songs written with David Braham (1838–1905) reflect a turbulent era in New York City, which was just emerging as the cultural and economic center of American life. This edition includes a generous selection of Harrigan-Braham songs drawn from plays depicting a variety of ethnic groups and written at the zenith of Harrigan's career. The music, texts, and introductory essay provide a clearer picture of a body of work that Charles Hamm has described as "the beginning of urban popular song."
Songs from Sketches
  1. The Mulligan Guards
  2. Patrick's Day Parade
  3. The Regular Army O!
  4. Skidmore Guard
  5. The Gallant "69th"
  6. Gliding Down the Stream
  7. The Blue and the Gray
  8. Slavery Days
  9. Bold Hibernian Boys!
  10. Are You There Moriarity!
  11. The Ginger Blues!
  12. Sons of Temperance
  13. Walking for Dat Cake
  14. Our Front Stoop
  15. Isle de Blackwell
  16. Up at Dudley's Grove
  17. Stem the Tide
  18. Knights of St. Patrick
  19. Take My Arm the Other Side
  20. Sweet Mary Ann
The Mulligan Guard Ball
  21. The Babies on Our Block
  22. Singing at the Hallway Door
  23. The Skidmore Fancy Ball
  24. We're All Young Fellows Bran' New
25. The Little Green Leaf in Our Bible [no known connection to any show]
The Mulligan Guard Chowder
  26. The Little Widow Dunn
  27. O Girly! Girly!
  28. The Skids Are Out To-Day
The Mulligan Guards' Christmas
  29. The Mulligan Braves
  30. The Pitcher of Beer
  31. The Skids Are on Review
  32. Tu-ri-ad-i-lum; or, Santa Claus Has Come
The Mulligan Guards' Surprise
  33. Dat Citron Wedding Cake
  34. The Full Moon Union
  35. I'll Wear the Trousers, Oh!
  36. Never Take the Horse-Shoe from the Door
  37. Whist! The Bogie Man
38. The Beauty of Limerick [no known connection to any play]
The Mulligan Guard Picnic
  39. All Aboard for the M.G.P.
  40. Locked Out after Nine
  41. Mary Kelly's Beau
  42. Roderick O'Dwyer
  43. Sandy-Haired Mary in Our Area
  44. Second Degree, Full Moon Union
  45. Going Home with Nellie after Five
  46. Hurry, Little Children, Sunday Morn!
  47. Down in Gossip Row
The Mulligan Guard Nominee
  48. Hang the Mulligan Banner Up
  49. A Night-Cap, A Night-Cap
  50. Oh, He Promises
  51. The Skidmore Masquerade
  52. The Skids Are Out To-Night
Mulligan's Silver Wedding
  53. The Castaways
  54. Don't You Miss the Train
  55. John Riley's Always Dry
  56. The Mirror's the Cause of It All
  57. South Fifth Avenue
  58. Third Degree Full Moon
  59. Wheel the Baby Out
The Major
  60. Clara Jenkins' Tea
  61. Major Gilfeather
  62. Miranda, When We Are Made One
  63. Veteran Guard Cadets
  64. 4-11-44
  65. Henrietta Pye
  66. I Really Can't Sit Down
  67. Oh, That's an Old Gag with Me
68. Dip Me in de Golden Sea [no known association with any play]
Squatter Sovereignty
  69. The Forlorn Old Maid
  70. The Maguires
  71. The McIntyres
  72. Miss Brady's Piano For-Tay
  73. Paddy Duffy's Cart
  74. The Widow Nolan's Goat
The Blackbird
  75. The Mountain Dew
  76. The Trooper's the Pride of the Ladies
Mordecai Lyons
  77. Cash! Cash! Cash!
  78. Mordecai Lyons
  79. The Old Bowery Pit
  80. She Lives on Murray Hill
  81. When the Clock in the Tower Strikes Twelve