Collected Songs of Harrigan and Braham, Part 2

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions, American Musicological Society
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Edward Harrigan and David Braham
Collected Songs of Edward Harrigan and David Braham, Part II

Edited by Jon W. Finson

MU07B/A028 Collected Songs of Harrigan and Braham, Part 2
978-0-89579-396-6 Full Score (1997) 9x12, xi + 370 pp.
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The plays of Edward Harrigan (1845–1911) and their attendant songs written with David Braham (1838–1905) reflect a turbulent era in New York City, which was just emerging as the cultural and economic center of American life. This edition includes a generous selection of Harrigan-Braham songs drawn from plays depicting a variety of ethnic groups and written at the zenith of Harrigan's career. The music, texts, and introductory essay provide a clearer picture of a body of work that Charles Hamm has described as "the beginning of urban popular song."
McSorley's Inflation
  82. The Charleston Blues
  83. I Never Drink behind the Bar
  84. The Market on Saturday Night
  85. McNally's Row of Flats
  86. The Old Feather Bed
  87. Salvation Army, Oh!
The Muddy Day
  88. The Bunch o' Berries
  89. The Family Overhead
  90. The Golden Choir
  91. On Board o' the Muddy Day
  92. The Silly Boy
  93. The Turn Verein Cadets
Cordelia's Aspirations
  94. Just Across from Jersey
  95. My Dad's Dinner Pail
  96. Sam Johnson's Colored Cake Walk
  97. Waiters' Chorus; or, Two More to Come
Dan's Tribulations
  98. Cobwebs on the Wall
  99. Coming Home from Meeting
  100. The French Singing Lesson: (Une leçon de chant française)
  101. My Little Side Door
  102. As Long as the World Goes 'Round
  103. The Boodle
  104. Hello! Bab-by
  105. The Man That Knows It All
  106. Plum Pudding
  107. On Union Square
McAllister's Legacy
  108. Blow the Bellows, Blow!
  109. Mister Dooley's Geese
  110. Molly
  111. Oh, My! How We Posé!
  112. Pat and His Little Brown Mare
Old Lavender
  113. Extra! Extra!
  114. Get Up, Jack—John, Sit Down
  115. The Owl
  116. Please to Put That Down
  117. Poverty's Tears Ebb and Flow
  118. Sweetest Love
The Grip
  119. The Aldermanic Board
  120. Grogan, the Masher!
  121. No Wealth without Labor
  122. Oh! Dat Low Bridge!
  123. School Days
  124. The Soldier Boy's Canteen
The Leather Patch
  125. Baxter Avenue
  126. Denny Grady's Hack
  127. It Showered Again
  128. Put on Your Bridal Veil
The O'Reagans
  129. The Little Hedge School
  130. Mulberry Springs
  131. Strolling on the Sands
  132. U.S. Black Marines
  133. When de Trumpet in de Corn-field Blows
McNooney's Visit
  134. The Black Maria, O!
  135. Have One with Me?
  136. Ho! Molly Grogan!
  137. The Toboggan Slide
  138. As We Wander in the Orange Grove
  139. Haul the Woodpile Down
  140. Heigh Ho! Lingo Sally
  141. Massa's Wedding Night
  142. The Old Barn Floor
  143. The Old Black Crow
  144. Slavery's Passed Away
  145. Where the Sweet Magnolia Grows
Waddy Googan
  146. Isabelle St. Clair
  147. The Midnight Squad
  148. Old Boss Barry
  149. Where the Sparrows and Chippies Parade
The Lorgaire
  150. Dolly, My Crumpled-Horn Cow
  151. I'm a Terror to All (Duet)
  152. Oh, My Molly Is Waiting for Me
  153. Paddy and His Sweet Poteen
  154. La Plus Belle France (Smuggler Song)
Reilly and the 400
  155. The Great Four-Hundred
  156. I've Come Home to Stay
  157. Jim Jam, Sailors Superfine
  158. The Jolly Commodore
  159. Maggie Murphy's Home
  160. Taking in the Town
  161. Uncle Reilly
The Last of the Hogans
  162. Danny by My Side
  163. Hats Off to Me
  164. Knights of the Mystic Star
  165. The Last of the Hogans
  166. De Rainbow Road
  167. Take a Day Off, Mary Ann
The Woolen Stocking
  168. Callahan's Gang
  169. Little Daughter Nell
  170. Sergeant Hickey of the G.A.R.
  171. The Sunny Side of Thompson Street (Away Down Town)
  172. They Never Tell All What They Know
  173. The Girl That's Up To Date
  174. Melancholy Mary
  175. The Old Neighborhood
  176. Out on a College Rah! Rah!
  177. Tally Ho Song
  178. Up in the Tenderloin
Marty Malone
  179. The Hole in the Wall
  180. The Pride of the London Stage
  181. Sweet Mary Mullane