Ballet Music from the Mannheim Court, Part 4

Series: Classical Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
This edition is part of the collection Ballet Music of the Mannheim Court
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Ballet Music from the Mannheim Court, Part 4
Christian Cannabich, Renaud et Armide and Les Mariages Samnites

Edited by Marita P. McClymonds, Carol G. Marsh

C057 Ballet Music from the Mannheim Court, Part 4
978-0-89579-419-2 Full Score (1999) 9x12, xx + 118 pp.

Performance Parts

Rental Parts (1999)
Set of 34 parts: 2202 2200 timp. 66443

Rental Parts (1999)
Rental : 2202 2200 timp 66443
Presented here are two highly contrasting ballets by Christian Cannabich, one based on the legend of Rinaldo and Armida and the other on a moralizing tale by the poet and librettist Jean François Marmontel. Both are representative of the ballet d'action, a more natural and expressive form of ballet that was gaining popularity both at Mannheim and beyond at midcentury.
Renaud et Armide
Ouverture. Allegro
No. 1. Allegro ma non troppo
No. 2. Un poco moderato
No. 3. Un poco andante ma grazioso
No. 4. Molto grazioso e tenero
No. 5. Vivace—Adagio—Allegro non troppo—Voluptuoso—Allegro molto
No. 6. Maestoso
No. 7. Un poco andante
No. 8. Maestoso e moderato
No. 9. Allegretto brillante
No. 10. Andantino molto gustoso
No. 11. Maestoso—Adagio—Andantino espressivo—Un poco più allegro
No. 12. Largo—Andante—Un poco vivace
No. 13. Andante moderato e molto grazioso—Un poco più andante—Un poco allegro
No. 14. Molto largo—Allegro non troppo—Largo di primo—Allegro di primo
Les Mariages Samnites
Ouverture. Allegro spiritoso
No. 1. Andante
No. 2. Largo maestoso
No. 3. Andante maestoso
No. 4. Allegro
No. 5. Un poco allegretto et leggermente
No. 6. Andante un poco moderato
No. 7. Allegro non troppo
No. 8. Andante non troppo
No. 9. Un poco allegro
No. 10. Marche maestoso
No. 11. Moderato marcato
No. 12. Un poco andantino
No. 13. Allegro galante
No. 14. Chaconne—Contredanse
John A. Rice, Music & Letters, 83:4