Fontanelli: Complete Madrigals

Complete Madrigals of Alfonso Fontanelli
Alfonso Fontanelli (1557–1622) was a prominent musician and courtier in the Ferrarese court during its flowering in the last decades of the sixteenth century, where his colleagues included Luzzaschi, Wert, and Monteverdi. He became an important figure in the musical culture of Florence and Rome in the early seventeenth century. Fontanelli is consistently included with the most eminent composers of the time by seventeenth-century musicians (Peri, Del Turco, Monteverdi, da Gagliano and Banchieri in the first decade of the seventeenth century) at least until Marco Scacchi (1649), and repeatedly by modern scholars, at least since Alfred Einstein's pioneering monograph on the madrigal (1949). The present edition makes this exquisite and important music available to modern scholars and performers.
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