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Lasso: Complete Motets

Complete Motets of Orlando di Lasso
This edition contains all of Lasso's over 500 motets in twenty-one volumes, with a supplement of indices. It is based on first editions and authoritative manuscript sources, with minimal collation against later sources over which Lasso had little or no control. The set of Lasso's Complete Motets is chronologically organized, with sixteen volumes devoted to individual motet books such as RISM 1556a and 1562a. Each such book is published in a single volume with its contents in original order. Three volumes include motets first published in anthologies between 1555 and 1590 and motets whose best sources are Munich manuscripts. The last volumes in the series include motets that were published only posthumously.
The aim of the edition is to present a more reliable text of the motets than has been available heretofore and to respect their chronology and Lasso's intentions about their context as reflected in authentic editions that he himself supervised.
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