String Quartets in Beethoven's Europe

Nancy November, General Editor
Allan Badley, Sam Girling, Mark Ferraguto, and W. Dean Sutcliffe, Editorial Board Members
String Quartets in Beethoven’s Europe is a series of scholarly editions that seeks to reflect the character and diversity of string quartet composition in Europe in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. This series presents modern editions of representative European string quartets dating from Beethoven’s lifetime. These new editions permit a more balanced account of music making in Europe at this time than has previously been possible, showing how this supposedly autonomous, canonical genre is deeply rooted in social, cultural, and national contexts; and how this genre complicates the binary opposition of “public” and “private” in musical life. String Quartets in Beethoven’s Europe explores the music of the private and semiprivate settings in detail and often for the first time. The editions return to overlooked primary source material in order to increase musical and contextual understanding.
Although Beethoven is a point of departure for the series, the works edited within it move beyond canonical repertoire and composers. The editions of this series reveal a broader frame of reference for considering chamber music and its contexts in the crucial period at the turn of the nineteenth century, when concert life was beginning but private music was still flourishing and serving important social and musical functions. This approach, via lesser-studied composers, fosters new perspectives on the cultivation of contemporary string quartets, and chamber music more generally.
Published in cooperation with Beethoven-Haus, Bonn, and supported by a grant from the University of Auckland Faculty Research Development Fund.
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