Cope: Experiments in Musical Intelligence, 2nd ed.

Series: Computer Music and Digital Audio  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Experiments in Musical Intelligence, 2nd ed.

David Cope

DAS012 Cope: Experiments in Musical Intelligence, 2nd ed.
978-0-89579-337-9 Book + CD (2014) 7.5 x 9.25, xiv + 263 pp.
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In this book David Cope develops ideas and concepts he already outlined in Computers and Musical Style (DAS 6), and describes the basic principles of analysis, pattern matching, object oreintation, and natural language process. Cope's system makes it possible to generate new compositions in the styles of various composers, from Bach and Mozart to Prokofiev and Scott Joplin. The accompany CD-ROM contains the code and documentation for the program SARA (Simple Analytic Recombinant Algorithm), which produced new compositions in the style of the music in its database. The new introduction includes a detailed discussion of the new CD-ROM and how to use his Recipe for keeping the programming fresh and up to date.
Contents Background and Overview The Analysis Component The Pattern-Matching Component The Object System The ATN Component An Application-Level Program and Sample Output Conclusions and the Future
In twenty years of working in artificial intelligence, I have seen nothing more thought-provoking than David Cope's Experiments in Musical Intelligence. What is the essence of musical style, indeed of music itself? Can great new music emerge from