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Cope: The Algorithmic Composer

David Cope
The Algorithmic Composer
Cope: The Algorithmic Composer
Book (2000)
7.5 x 9.25, xiii + 130 pp.

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The Algorithmic Composer completes a trilogy of books of which Computers and Musical Style (DAS6) and Experiments in Musical Intelligence (DAS12) comprise the first two volumes. The Algorithmic Composer describes in detail the need for, concepts of, and use of computer-assisted composition and includes a CD-ROM containing the Alice (ALgorithmically Integrated Composing Environment) program, a subset of the program Experiments in Musical Intelligence. Alice extends user-composed passages, develops potentials of composer-created germ ideas, and offers new ideas when inspiration temporarily wanes.

In the course of this fascinating book, David Cope explores various algorithmic composing programs, including the programs Experiments in Musical Intelligence and SARA, and fundamental issues, such as Markov chains, randomness and association nets. He also takes up the aspect of inference with regard to tonality, non-pitch elements, variation, texture and the ensuing rules that can be derived.

In addition, his discussion of structure involves an understanding of signatures and pattern-matching, as well as hierarchical patterns as they play into composition. In this groundbreaking book Cope not only discusses the possibilities that exist for computer-assisted composition, but also challenges preconceived notions of invention by computer. His vision encompasses a "music of the future" that fuses computerized craft with human ingenuity. Above all, The Algorithmic Composer makes a bold statement on tomorrow's music.
Structure and Coherence
The Alice Program
The Future
Appendix: The CD-ROM
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