Cornago: Complete Works

Series: Middle Ages and Early Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Johannes Cornago
Complete Works

Edited by Rebecca L. Gerber

M015 Cornago: Complete Works
978-0-89579-193-1 Full Score (1984) 3, xxx + 73 pp.
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Johannes Cornago is among the earliest known Spanish composers of the Renaissance. His works—sixteen secular songs (including those with double attributions and alternate versions), a motet, and particularly the Missa Ayo visto—-reflect the international style of the Spanish composers just at the point when a recognizable national style was emerging.
Sacred Music:
Missa "Ayo visto"
Patres nostri peccaverunt
Secular Music:
¿Donde estas que non te veo?
Gentil dama non se gana
Moro perche non day fede
Morte o merce
Non gusto del male estranio
Porque mas sin duda creas
Pues que Dios te fizo tal
¿Qu'es mi vida preguntays?
Segun las penas me days
Yerra con poco saber
Appendix, Alternate Versions and Double Attributions:
Gentil dama non se gana
Morthe merce
Pues que Dios te fiso tal
Pues que Dios te fiso tal (Cornago)
¿Qu'es mi vida preguntays? (Cornago-Ockeghem)
Señora, qual soy venido (Cornago-Triana)
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