Corteccia: Eleven Works to Latin Texts

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Francesco Corteccia
Eleven Works to Latin Texts

Edited by Ann McKinley

R006 Corteccia: Eleven Works to Latin Texts
978-0-89579-015-6 Full Score (1969) 8.5x11, xii + 101 pp.
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Francesco Corteccia (fl. 1539–71) was maestro di cappella at the court of Grand Duke Cosimo I of Florence (r. 1537–74), a patron of many artists and academicians. Corteccia followed Costanza Festa at the head of a long line of native-born composers of the sixteenth century who assumed the chief musical posts in Italy and brought to an end the domination of Italian music by foreigners. Corteccia's manuscript hymnary was a product of his early career, but late in his life he began preparing some of his sacred music for publication. His responsories were published in 1570, and his motets in 1571, after his death.
Music for the Church Year: Temporal Cycle
O Regem caeli
Surge, illuminare Jerusalem
Omnes amici
Velum templi scissum est
O vos omnes
Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel
Tristes erant apostoli
Music of the Church Year: Sanctoral Cycle
Ave maris stella
Haec est Virgo sapiens
Sanctorum meritis
Secular Music
Laetare et exsulta civitas praeclara
Howard Slenk, Notes, December 1970.