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De tous biens plaine

De tous biens plaine
Twenty-Eight Settings of Hayne van Ghizeghem's Chanson
Edited by Cynthia J. Cyrus
De tous biens plaine
Full Score (2001)
3, xvii + 120 pp.

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This edition brings together for the first time the complete set of twenty-eight settings based on Hayne van Ghizeghem’s “De tous biens plaine,” one of the most famous chansons of the later fifteenth century. Hayne’s original song circulated in at least twenty-six notated sources and was expanded to four voices by the addition of si placet altus parts on at least two occasions. A few of the settings preserve the discant-tenor framework of the original, adding one or more substitute contratenor parts to enhance and enliven the texture. More often, however, the arrangements of Hayne’s rondeau quatrain adopt a cantus prius factus from the original, around which they construct new—and often quite animated—polyphony. Like the families of settings of “D’ung aultre amer,” “J’ay pris amours,” and “Fors seulement,” the arrangements of Hayne’s song have long been recognized as a particularly important reference point for late-fifteenth-century musical culture.
1.  De tous biens plaine (a 3), [Hayne van Ghizeghem]
2.  De tous biens playne (a 4), Anonymous
3.  [De tous biens plaine] (a 4), Anonymous     
4.  De tous biens playne (a 3), Anonymous     
5.  De tous biens plaine (a 3), Anonymous
6.  De tous biens (a 3), Anonymous
7.  De tous bien (a 4), de Planquard
8.  [De tous biens plaine] (a 4), [Josquin des Prez]
9.  De tobiens plena (a 3), Anonymous
10.  De tous biens (a 3), Josquin [des Prez]
11.  De tous biens (a 3), [Johannes] Ghiselin [dit Verbonnet]
12.  De tous biens playne (a 4), Anonymous
13.  [De tous biens plaine] (a 3), Anonymous
14.  De tous biens (a 4), Anonymous
15.  [De tous biens plaine] (a 3), Anonymous
16.  De tobiens plaine e ma maetressa (a 3), Anonymous
17a.  De tous biens (a 4), [Alexander] Agricola
17b.  [De tous biens plaine] (a 3), [Alexander Agricola?]
18.  De tous biens (a 3), Anonymous
19.  De tous biens (a 3), Bourdon/[Alexander Agricola]
20.  De tous biens playne (a 3), Alexander Agricola
21.  De tous biens playne (a 3), Alexander Agricola
22.  De tous biens playne (a 3), Allexander [Agricola]
23.  De tous biens playne (a 3), Allexander [Agricola]
24.  De tous biens (a 3), Bactio [Bartolomeo degli Organi]
25.  De to biens playne (a 3), Anonymous
26.  De tous bien plen (a 4), Anonymous
27.  De tous biens (a 4), Jo[hannes] Japart
28.  De tous biens plaine (a 4), D'Oude Schuere
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