Dedication Service for St. Gertrude’s Chapel, Hamburg, 1607

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Dedication Service for St. Gertrude’s Chapel, Hamburg, 1607

Edited by Frederick K. Gable

B091 Dedication Service for St. Gertrude’s Chapel, Hamburg, 1607
978-0-89579-418-5 Full Score (1998) 9x12, xl + 146 pp.

Performance Parts (Available Separately)

Rental Parts (2005)
Set of 21 parts: Choir I, II, III, IV; Congregation; Pastor; B.c. I, II, III
The edition reconstructs the festival Lutheran service dedicating St. Gertrude's Chapel in Hamburg on 16 April 1607, based on a firsthand description of the music and its performance provided by the presiding pastor in a preface to his published sermon. Supplemented by information from musical, pictorial, liturgical, and theological sources, the detailed account makes possible a plausible reconstruction of the full liturgical context for this historical event. The service included impressive double-choir works, a triple-choir motet by Jacob Handl, and the quadruple-choir German Te Deum setting by Hieronymus Praetorius. Antedating the better-known descriptions of musical practices by Michael Praetorius and Heinrich Schütz, the sermon account documents northern German use and placement of singers, instruments, and organs in polychoral music. In the introduction, the editor describes the chapel's suitability for the music's performance and offers advice on pronunciation, tempo, singing style for chant, organ types and registrations, vocal style, and performance alternatives.
          A. Antiphon: Veni sancte Spiritus
1. Introit: In nomine Jesu, Pierre Bonhomme
          B. Organ prelude: Praeambulum ex Clave E
2. Mass: Missa Deus misereatur nostri, Arnold Grothusius
          C. Salutation and Collect
          D. Epistle
          E. Organ prelude: Praeambulum ex Clave D
3. Motet: Alleluia. Cantate Domino, Jacob Handl
          F. Gospel
          G. Sermon
          H. Organ prelude: [Intonatione] Primus Tonus, Giovanni Gabrieli
4. Chorale: O Gott, wir dancken deiner Güt, Joachim Decker
      Organ verse
          I. Blessing
          J. Organ prelude: Praeambulum
5. Te Deum: Herr Gott, dich loben wir, Hieronymus Praetorius
          K. Lord’s Prayer
          L. Organ prelude: Praeambulum
6. Motet: Cantate Domino, Hieronymus Praetorius
          M. Salutation and Collect
          N. Benediction
          O. Organ prelude: Es ist das Heill huns kommen her
7. Chorale: Sey lob und Ehr, Joachim Decker
Appendix: Performance Part for Bassus continuus of Te Deum, Choir IV
<div>Geoffrey Webber, Music &amp; Letters, 82:1</div>

<div>The project won the AMS Noah Greenberg Award in 1994.</div>