Divitis: Collected Works

Series: Renaissance  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Antonius Divitis
Collected Works

Edited by B. A. Nugent

R094 Divitis: Collected Works
978-0-89579-281-5 Full Score (1993) 8.5x11, xlv + 247 pp.
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Though he was a prominent musician in the services of Philip the Handsome, Louis XII, and Francis I, Divitis has been largely neglected in recent centuries. His extant works, which were widely disseminated in contemporary prints, include masses, motets, Magnificats, and the chanson "Fors seulement." Parodic relationships bind Divitis's works to those of Richafort, Agricola, Ockeghem, Willaert, Mouton, Josquin, and possibly Theodulf.
Missa Gaude Barbara
Missa Quem dicunt homines
Missa super Si dedero
Pleni sunt caeli
Magnificat secundi toni
Magnificat quinti toni
Magnificat octavi toni
Ista est speciosa
Gloria, laus et honor
Salve regina / Adieu mes amours
O desolatorum consolator
Per lignum salvi facti sumus
Semper eris pauper
Fors seulement