Draghi: Harpsichord Music

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Giovanni Battista Draghi
Harpsichord Music

Edited by Robert Klakowich

B056 Draghi: Harpsichord Music
978-0-89579-216-7 Full Score (1986) 9x12, xxiv + 110 pp.
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The harpsichord music of this expatriate resident of London appears here for the first time in a modern edition, revealing Draghi to be a composer of intensity and originality who made use of the models and prevailing style of his adopted country. Draghi was known in his day as an outstanding keyboard performer, and his existing output for harpsichord is considerably greater than that of his contemporaries Blow and Purcell. The idiomatic use of texture and a fine sensitivity to harpsichord sonority distinguish these pieces as estimable examples of Restoration keyboard music. This edition contains eighty-five solo keyboard works by Giovanni Battista Draghi.
[Grouped items share the same key]
Prelude, Allmand, Corrant, The Complaint, Aire, Jigg
Prelude, Allmand, Corrant, Saraband, Aire, The Hunting Tune
Prelude, Allmand, Corrant, Saraband, Aire, Jigg
Prelude, Allmand, Corrant, Saraband, Jigg, Round O
Prelude, Allmand, Corrant, Saraband, Bore, Aire, Minuet
Prelude, Allmand, Air, Jigg, The Dream, Minuet
Prelude, Allemande, Arieta, [Bouree]
Prelud[e], Alemande, Slow, Roundeaue, Aire, [Aire], [Aire], [Saraband]
Prelude, [Allemande], Courante, Double of the Courante, [Arietta], Gigue
Almaine, Corante, Saraband
[Prelude], [Allemande], [Courante], [Tombeau], Gigue, Allemande, Rondeau, [Autre Rondeau], [Allemande]
Prelude, Almand, Saraband
[Aire], [Aire]
Gavotte, Slow Minuet
[Almand], Tune, Tune
A Ground
Italian air
Appendix: Ground "Scocca pur"
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