Dresel: The Lost Child (Orchestral Version)

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions
This volume is part of the set Dresel: Collected Vocal Music
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Otto Dresel
The Lost Child
Orchestral Version

Edited by David Francis Urrows

A045S Dresel: The Lost Child (Orchestral Version)
978-0-89579-880-0 Full Score (2018) 9x12, x + 24 pp.
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The Lost Child is a reflective, elegiac concert aria that connects four important figures from three quite separate disciplines—the Swiss-American “natural scientist” Louis Agassiz (1807–73), the American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–82), the German-American composer Otto Dresel (1826–90), and the English diva and composer Clara Kathleen Rogers (1844–1931). Its collaborative creation was initiated by Longfellow, who wrote the poem as a birthday tribute to his friend Agassiz. He recruited Dresel, then regarded as Boston’s leading composer and pianist, to set the poem to music, perhaps because Dresel was himself a close friend of Agassiz. Rogers later performed The Lost Child at its premiere—a memorial concert for Agassiz arranged by the Harvard Musical Association—in 1874. Dresel originally set the work for piano and voice, but he later revised it for voice and orchestra. The piano-vocal setting is available in Dresel’s Collected Vocal Music (Recent Researches in American Music, vol. 45); this supplement presents the orchestral version for the first time in a modern edition.
The Lost Child