Early American Anthems, Part 1

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions
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Early American Anthems, Part 1
Anthems for Public Celebrations

Edited by Karl Kroeger

A036 Early American Anthems, Part 1
978-0-89579-459-8 Full Score (2000) 9x12, xxv + 193 pp.
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This edition is a survey of early American composers of this repertory, and it makes the music available in a critical edition for performance and study.  Volume 1 contains music for major church festivals, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Fast Day. All the anthems are typical of their times and represent some of the best music of their composers.
Sing unto the Lord a New Song, Samuel Capen
The Lord Hath Done Great Things for Us, William Cooper
O Give Thanks unto the Lord, Rufus Frost
We'll Sing to God, Hans Gram
O Come, Let Us Sing unto the Lord, Daniel Hardy
The Lord Reigneth, Oliver Holden
O Be Joyful in the Lord, Samuel Holyoke
Come, Let Us Sing a New-Made Song, Walter Janes
Grateful Songs and Anthems Bring, Abraham Maxim
Grateful Songs and Anthems Bring, David Merrill
Hail Joyful Day, James Newhall
O Give Thanks unto the Lord, Charles Robbins
O Give Thanks unto the Lord, Oliver Shaw
Behold, I Bring You Tidings, Amos Bull
Behold, I Bring You Glad Tidings, Abijah Forbush
Shepherds, Rejoice, Isaac Lane
Unto Us a Child is Born, Joseph Stone
The Lord Is Ris'n Indeed, William Billings
Resurrection: The First Man Was of the Earth, Hans Gram
I Know That My Redeemer Lives, Daniel Read
Fast Day
Mourn, Mourn, William Billings
Hear Our Pray'r, O Lord, Our God, Samuel Holyoke