Early American Anthems, Part 2

Series: American Music  Publisher: A-R Editions
This volume is part of the set Early American Anthems
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Early American Anthems, Part 2
Anthems for Special Occasions

Edited by Karl Kroeger

A037 Early American Anthems, Part 2
978-0-89579-460-4 Full Score (2000) 9x12, vii + 175 pp.
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This edition is a survey of early American composers of this repertory, and it makes the music available in a critical edition for performance and study.  Volume 2 comprises anthems for specific events, such as the dedication of a church, the ordination of a minister, funerals, charity meetings, and marriages.  Also included in volume 2 are fifteen anthems whose use is undesignated and which could serve any number of occasions.  All the anthems are typical of their times and represent some of the best music of their composers.
Hail, Glorious Day, Bartholomew Brown
Where Shall We Go, Isaac Lane
Where Shall We Go, James Newhall
Behold, He Is My Salvation, William Selby
Hail! Hail! Hail, Thou King of Saints, Supply Belcher
Hail! Hail! Hail, Thou King of Saints, Joel Harmon
Sing, O Ye Heav'ns, Israel Terril
I Heard a Great Voice from Heav'n, William Billings
Put Not Your Trust in Princes, Samuel Camp
Hark! From the Tombs, Frost
I Heard a Voice from Heav'n, Ezra Goff
Man That Is Born of a Woman, Benjamin Holt
Charity Meetings
Blessed Is He Who Considereth the Poor, Jacob Kimball
Blessed Are They That Fear the Lord, George C. Sweeny
Anthems Whose Purpose Is Unspecified
Sing, O Daughter of Sion, Elihu Carpenter
Te Deum Laudamus, Benjamin Carr
O Praise the Lord, John Cole
The Heavenly Vision: I Beheld and Lo, Jacob French
O Praise Ye the Lord, Joseph Herrick
Behold, How Good and How Pleasant, Thomas Lee
Let the Shrill Trumpet's Warlike Voice, James Lyon
Sing unto God, Ye Kingdoms of the Earth, Hezekiah Moors
Advice, An Anthem from Ecclesiastes: Now Hear the Voice, W. Newcomb
Bless the Lord, O My Soul, Warwick Palfray
Hiram Anthem: Behold, How Good and How Pleasant, L. Peck
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled, Daniel Read
Know Ye Not, Robert Rogerson
Hallelujah Chorus, Rayner Taylor
Jehovah Reigns, William Tuckey
Western Star Anthem: Let There Be Light, the Almighty Spoke, Truman Wetmore