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Early Medieval Chants from Nonantola, Part 4

Early Medieval Chants from Nonantola, Part 4
Edited by Lance Brunner, James Borders
Early Medieval Chants from Nonantola, Part 4
Full Score (1999)
8.5x11, lxx +78 pp.

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This volume presents the sequences found in the surviving manuscripts from the north Italian abbey of San Silvestro di Nonantola. These sources, dating from the eleventh and twelfth centuries and notated in the distinctive style of Nonantola, preserve various historical strata of chant, including antiphons composed before the spread of the Gregorian repertory, the earliest diastematic readings of a number of Notker's sequences, and later east and west Frankish sequences and tropes. The edition includes an essay on the abbey at Nonantola, the development of north Italian chant, its style, and its relationship to repertories outside the region, along with transcriptions of the original Latin texts and English translations, critical notes listing variants, and commentary on individual pieces.
1. Christi hodiernae pangimini
2. Natus ante saecula
3. Hanc concordi
4. Iohannes Iesu Christo
5. Laus tibi Christe cui sapit
6. Haec sunt sacra festa
7. Laude mirandum
8. Festa Christi
9. Concentu parili
10. Virginis venerandae
11. Ecce vicit
12. Clara gaudia
13. Dic nobis
14. Eia recolamus
15. Sanctae crucis celebremus
16. Laus tibi Christe patris
17. Summi triumphum
18. Rex omnipotens
19. Sancti spiritus assit
20. Alme mundi rex
21. Pretiosa sollemnitas
22. Petre summe
23. Sancti merita Benedicti
24. Candida contio melos
25. Laurenti David
26. Congaudant angelorum chori
27. Felix valde
28. Summa stirpe
29. Alma fulgens crux praeclara
30. Summi regis
31. Clare sanctorum senatus
32. Omnes sancti seraphin
33. Sacerdotem Christi Martinum
34. Deus in tua virtute
35. Ad templi huius limina
36. Benedicta semper sancta
37. Stans a longe
38. Laeta mente
39. O quam mira
40. Almiflua caelorum
M. Huglo, Bulletin Codicologique 2000
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