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Early Medieval Chants from Nonantola

Early Medieval Chants from Nonantola
Early Medieval Chants from Nonantola
Edited by James Borders, Lance Brunner
This edition is a set of four volumes, each sold separately.

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This edition presents the complete corpus of processional antiphons, Antiphons Ante Evangelium, tropes for the Proper and Ordinary of the mass, and sequences found in the three surviving manuscripts from the north Italian abbey of San Silvestro di Nonantola. These sources, dating from the eleventh and twelfth centuries and notated in the distinctive style of Nonantola, preserve various historical strata of chant, including antiphons composed before the spread of the Gregorian repertory, the earliest diastematic readings of a number of Notker's sequences, and later east and west Frankish sequences and tropes. The edition includes an essay on the abbey at Nonantola, the development of north Italian chant, its style, and its relationship to repertories outside the region, along with transcriptions of the original Latin texts and English translations, critical notes listing variants, and commentary on individual pieces.
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