Eccles: Incidental Music, Part 1

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
This edition is part of the collection Eccles: Works
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John Eccles
Incidental Music, Part 1
Plays A–F

Edited by Amanda Eubanks Winkler

B190 Eccles: Incidental Music, Part 1
978-0-89579-822-0 Full Score (2015) 9x12, xix + 320 pp.

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John Eccles’s active theatrical career spanned a period of about sixteen years, though he continued to compose occasionally for the theater after his semi-retirement in 1707. During his career he wrote incidental music for more than seventy plays, writing songs that fit perfectly within their dramatic contexts and that offered carefully tailored vehicles for his singers’ talents while remaining highly accessible in tone.
This edition includes music composed by Eccles for plays beginning with the letters A–F. These plays were fundamentally collaborative ventures, and multiple composers often supplied the music; thus, this edition includes all the known songs and instrumental items for each play. Plot summaries of the plays are given along with relevant dialogue cues, and the songs are given in the order in which they appear in the drama (when known).

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(Music by John Eccles unless otherwise indicated)
Adventures of Five Hours, Samuel Tuke
Can Luciamira so mistake, John Banister
How long I’ve loved you
I loved and am beloved again
Alphonso, King of Naples, George Powell
When Sylvia was kind, John Eagles
Long time, alas!, James Hart
Altemira, Charles Boyle
As Cupid roguishly one day
The Ambitious Slave; or, A Generous Revenge, Elkanah Settle
Why should the world mistake
As You Find It, Charles Boyle
Instrumental Music, William Corbett
He that has whom he loved possessed
Aureng-Zebe, John Dryden
She heard the summons
The Beau Defeated; or, The Lucky Younger Brother, Mary Pix
Delia tired Strephon with her flame
Relieve, the fair Belinda said
The Biter, Nicholas Rowe
Chloe blushed and frowned and swore
Iris, I have long in vain
Silly swain, give o’er thy wooing
Maenis underneath this shade
The Chances, George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham
Wasted with sighs
The City Bride; or, The Merry Cuckold, Joseph Harris
Many I’ve liked and some enjoyed
Here’s a health to jolly Bacchus
Faith and troth
The City Lady; or, Folly Reclaimed, Thomas Dilke
Instrumental Music, Gottfried Finger
Love is an empty airy name
All beauty were a foolish toy
There lately was a maiden fair
The Comical History of Don Quixote, Part 1, Thomas D’Urfey
Young Chrysostome had virtue, sense
Sleep, poor youth
’Twas early one morning
Minuet, Anonymous
The Comical History of Don Quixote, Part 2, Thomas D’Urfey
If you will love me, Anonymous
You love, and yet when I ask you to marry me, Anonymous
Ye nymphs and sylvan gods
Damon, let a friend advise ye, Simon Pack
I burn, I burn
De foolish English nation, Anonymous
The Country Wake, Thomas Doggett
She flies in vain from Love
Come Hodge, come Robin
Three Dances, Anonymous
Hobb’s Wedding, Anonymous
Cyrus the Great; or, The Tragedy of Love, John Banks
Sisters, whilst thus I wave my wand
Hark, the trumpets and the drums
Oh! take him gently from the pile
The Deceiver Deceived, Mary Pix
When will Stella (text only)
Why do I sigh and tremble (text only)
Distressed Innocence; or, The Princess of Persia, Elkanah Settle
Ah, whither shall I fly
Don Carlos, Prince of Spain, Thomas Otway
Behold, ye powers
The Double Distress, Mary Pix
Instrumental Music
The Duchess of Malfi, John Webster
Come, let us howl
The Fair Penitent, Nicholas Rowe
Instrumental Music, John Lenton
Stay, ah stay
Hear, ye midnight phantoms
The Fatal Secret; or, The Rival Brothers, Anonymous
In vain malicious fate
The Fate of Capua, Thomas Southerne
Instrumental Music, John Lenton
What beauty is, let Strephon tell
The Fickle Shepherdess, Anonymous
Fie, Amarillis, cease to grieve
Haste, give me wings
Of all the simple things, Anonymous