Eccles: Incidental Music, Part 2

Series: Baroque Era  Publisher: A-R Editions
This edition is part of the collection Eccles: Works
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John Eccles
Incidental Music, Part 2
Plays H–P

Edited by Estelle Murphy

B220 Eccles: Incidental Music, Part 2
978-1-9872-0626-5 Full Score (2021) 9x12, xxiii + 449 pp.
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John Eccles’s active theatrical career spanned a period of about sixteen years, though he continued to compose occasionally for the theater after his semi-retirement in 1707. During his career he wrote incidental music for more than seventy plays, writing songs that fit perfectly within their dramatic contexts and that offered carefully tailored vehicles for his singers’ talents while remaining highly accessible in tone. This edition includes music composed by Eccles for plays beginning with the letters H–P. These plays were fundamentally collaborative ventures, and multiple composers often supplied the music; thus, this edition includes all the known songs and instrumental items for each play. Plot summaries of the plays are given along with relevant dialogue cues, and the songs are given in the order in which they appear in the drama (when known).
(Music by John Eccles unless otherwise indicated)
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, William Davenant after William Shakespeare
A swain long slighted and disowned
Once more to these arms, Anonymous
Henry V, Roger Boyle, 1st Earl of Orrery, after William Shakespeare
Fill all the glasses
The Husband His Own Cuckold, John Dryden, Jr.
Instrumental Music, Gottfried Finger
Help, oh help ye powers divine
Why so coy and so strange?
The Innocent Mistress, Mary Pix
Instrumental Music, Francis Forcer
At dead of night, when wrapped in sleep, Anonymous
When I languished, and wished
How long must I the hours employ
The Intrigues at Versailles; or, A Jilt in All Humours, Thomas D’Urfey
Hey hoe, the clock has just struck four
The Italian Husband, Edward Ravenscroft
Instrumental Music
Why do I sigh and languish so
The Justice Busy; or, The Gentleman Quack, John Crowne
I’ll hurry thee hence
E’er since you came into my sight
My lover has an inconstant mind
No ev’ry morning
Till now I suppressed the fire in my breast
Wine does wonders ev’ry day
You ladies who are young and gay
Justice Busie, Anonymous
The Lancashire Witches; or, Teague O’Divelly the Irish Priest, Thomas Shadwell
Tormenting passion leave my breast
Then beauteous nymph
Thus you may be as happy as we
The Libertine, Thomas Shadwell
Thou joy of all hearts, William Turner
Chloris when you disperse your influence, William Turner
Prepare, prepare, new guests draw near, William Turner
What’s love? ’Tis all o’re a deceit
In vain I hope to find relief, John Wilford
Love Betrayed; or, The Agreeable Disappointment, William Burnaby
Instrumental Music, William Corbett
If I hear Orinda swear
Chloe found Love for his Psyche in tears
Love in her bosom end my care, William Corbett
Love in her bosom end my care, John Weldon
Love for Love, William Congreve
Instrumental Music, Gottfried Finger
A nymph and a swain to Apollo
A soldier and a sailor
I tell thee Charmion, Gottfried Finger
Love for Love: Danced in the Play, Anonymous
The Lover’s Luck, Thomas Dilke
Instrumental Music, Thomas Tollett
Rich mines of hot love
Full of the god
Let us revel and roar
Love’s a Jest, Peter Anthony Motteux
Slaves to London I’ll deceive you, Bernard Martin Berenclow
Slaves to London I’ll deceive you, ?Jeremiah Clarke
From Aberdeen to Edinburgh, Samuel Akeroyde
Should I not lead a happy life?
Hark you, madam
Mortals learn your lives to measure
Pretty miss let us talk together
Love Triumphant; or, Nature will Prevail, John Dryden
What state of life can be so blest
Young I am and yet unskilled
The Man of Mode; or, Sir Fopling Flutter, George Etherege
When first Amintas charmed my heart, Nicholas Staggins
As Amoret with Phillis sat, Nicholas Staggins
Caelia with mournful pleasure hears
That you alone my heart possess
Sir Foplin, Anonymous
Sir Foplin’s Airs, Anonymous
The Married Beau; or, The Curious Impertinent, John Crowne
O fie! What mean I foolish maid
Beyond the desert mountains
The Match at Bedlam, Anonymous
Amintor’s warmth declines
Measure for Measure; or, Beauty the Best Advocate, Charles Gildon after William Shakespeare
Instrumental Music
Take, O take those lips away, John Weldon
Measure for Measure, Anonymous
The Metamorphosis; or, The Old Lover Outwitted, John Corey
Hail powers beneath
The Midnight Mistakes, Joseph Williams
You damsels who sleep
The Novelty: Every Act a Play, Peter Anthony Motteux, John Oldmixon, and Edward Filmer
Her eyes are like the morning bright
Hee, oh! pray father
The Pretenders; or, The Town Unmasked, Thomas Dilke
Instrumental Music, John Lenton
All things seem deaf to my complaints
The Provoked Wife, John Vanbrugh
Fly ye happy shepherds
When yielding first to Damon’s flame
Pyrrhus, King of Epirus, Charles Hopkins
Hark the big drums they beat to battle
Stretched in a dark and dismal grove