Emily's Songbook

Series: Oral Traditions  Publisher: A-R Editions
Emily's Songbook
Music in 1850s Albany

Edited by Mark Slobin, James Kimball, Katherine K. Preston, Deane Root

OT009 Emily's Songbook
978-0-89579-706-3 Full Score (2011) 9x12, vii + 344 pp.
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This publication is the first-ever facsimile edition of a “binder’s volume,” a personal collection of sheet music, in this case that of a nineteenth-century young woman, Emily Esperanza McKissick of Albany, New York, who must have actively used her volume with her friends and family and who became a long-lived music teacher.
Essays by leading American-music specialists illuminate the general themes of this unique volume and also provide detailed information (with copious reference to period source materials) about the McKissick family, musical life in midcentury Albany, the publication history of the forty-six songs, and an analysis of the penciled annotations made by Emily on the music itself. The complete binder’s volume of Emily’s favorite songs—some common, some rare—is presented, cover to cover, as a photographic facsimile.
1. The Sontag Polka
2. Now I lub Sukey dearly
3. My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night
4. The Blue Juniata
5. Kitty Neil
6. The Mountain Maid's Invitation
7. Nancy Till
8. Doubt Not
9. The Silver Lake
10. Farewell My Lilly Dear
11. Lilly Dale
12. Go and Ask My Mother
13. The Wild Haunts for Me
14. The Song of Blanche Alpen
15. Never Again
16. Violets
17. A seat beside the hearth of home
18. Flow gently, sweet Afton
19. The Other Side of Jordan
20. Oh! do not say I love thee not
21. Emma Dale
22. Yes! I should like to marry
23. Life is but a strife
24. The Watcher
25. Home Again
26. I'll Pray for Thee
27. When the day with rosy light
28. Where is my lover?
29. Be Kind to the Loved Ones at Home
30. The Sister's Love
31. Bird of the wilderness
32. The Spell Is Broken
33. The Star Spangled Banner
34. When shall we two meet again
35. Would I were with thee
36. My Unkle Ned
37. I have something sweet to tell you
38. It is better to laugh than be sighing
39. Carry Me Back to Old Virginia
40. The Ocean Burial
41. 'Tis said that absence conquers love
42. Thou hast learned to love another
43. Power of Music
44. Love Not
45. Would I were with thee
46. Massa's in de Cold Ground