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Asola: Sixteen Liturgical Works

Giammateo Asola
Sixteen Liturgical Works
Edited by Donald M. Fouse
Asola: Sixteen Liturgical Works
Full Score (1964)
8.5x11, xiii + 115 pp.

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Giammateo Asola, chiefly regarded today as a pioneer in the use of basso continuo, was a prolific composer of sacred music of all genres, though this aspect of his activity is little known today. This edition presents sixteen of Asola's sacred works, including motets, laudes, vesper hymns, a vesper psalm, and a Magnificat, for three to six voices.
Sacrae cantiones
In Nativitate Domini: Dies sanctificatus
In festo S. S. Innocentium: Cantabant sancti
In die Pentecostes: Dum complerentur
In festo Sanctae Trinitatis: O altitudo
In festo Corporis Christi: O sacrum convivium
In festo S. Io. Baptistae: Inter natos mulierum
In Assumptione B. V. Mariae: Exaltata est sancta Dei Genitrix
In festis S. Crucis: Hoc signum Crucis
In festis Apostolorum, et martyrum tempore Pascali: Filiae Jerusalem
Hymni ad vespertinas
In festo S. Stephanii Prothomartyris: Deus tuorum militum
In Annunciatione et festivitatibus B. V. Mariae: Ave maris stella
In festo plurimorum Martyrum: Sanctorum meritis
Beatus vir
Sacrae laudes
Deus canticum novum
Cantate Domino
Malcolm Playfoot, Consort, 1966.
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