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Beneventanum Troporum Corpus II, Part 1b

Beneventanum Troporum Corpus II, Part 1b
Kyrie eleison: Music
Edited by John Boe
Beneventanum Troporum Corpus II, Part 1b
Full Score (1989)
9x12, 219 pp.

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This edition presents the tropes and chants for the Kyrie eleison from Beneventan and Roman manuscripts of the late tenth century to the early thirteenth century. The chants are transcribed in modern notation with schematic reproductions of neumes.
Kyrie Eleison Chants Having Verses in South Italian Sources
Ad laudem summae Trinitatis
Ad monumentum Domini; Hodie Christus resurrexit
Adest reducta dies
Alme Domine rex cunctorum
Alme pater Iesu
Auctor caelorum; Supplices dicamus omnes
Caelum terraque te collaudant
Cantemus cuncti laudes
Christe caelorum rex Deus aeterne
Clemens rector
Cunctipotens genitor
Deuote canentes
Deus excelse pater sempiterne
Deus genitor alme
Deus pater maiestatis
Deus solus et immensus
Domine miserere. Qui passurus
Hagie atque benigne
In praesepe Christus iacet
Incarnate quoque
Kyrie Deus sempiterne
Kyrie fons bonitatis; Kyrie per quem subsistit
Kyrie rex genitor; Christe cui cliuis decus in aeuo
Laudes pangamus
Magne Michael
O Theos ischyros qui sedes
Omnipotens stelligeri
Orbis factor
Pater excelse summeque immense
Qui dignasti mortem suscipere
Rex Deus immense
Virginis odas Dauidis exorta radix
Kyrie Chants Lacking Verses in South Italian Sources: 23 chants
Appendix: Maria vidit angelum
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